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Tuition Assistance Notice

Tuition Assistance Policy Submission Notice

In an effort to ensure timely processing of Tuition Assistance, please remember to submit all Tuition Assistance forms to the Human Resources Department. In order to ensure an employee or dependent is not assessed a late fee, all Tuition Assistance forms should be received in Human Resources at least two work weeks prior to the start of classes. Receiving the forms by the given deadline will guarantee that approved Tuition Assistance requests are awarded prior to any late charges being added to the student’s account. If an employee/dependent submits a form after the stated deadline, there is no guarantee that Tuition Assistance will be processed prior to the date Student Financial Services adds late charges. Forms received after the first day of class will not be processed for tuition assistance.

To clarify any misunderstanding with regard to dropping a class, please make sure to communicate administrative drops to Human Resources. If an employee or dependent drops a class covered by Tuition Assistance after the free drop/add period, it is the individual’s responsibility to immediately notify Human Resources of the change. If notification is not made prior to the drop/add date, the student is responsible for paying all tuition and fees for the courses. Failure to notify Human Resources of post drop/add date withdrawals and failure to pay the associated tuition will result in the employee or dependent being ineligible for further tuition assistance.

If you have questions regarding Tuition Assistance, please contact the Human Resources Department for assistance.


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