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The Troy University Fact Site is a compilation of data to include all Troy University locations. The TROY Fact Site is intended to be a reference with quantifiable data about students, faculty, staff, financial and physical resources. It serves as a source of facts about Troy University and is used by administrators, faculty, staff, alumni and others who may need information.

Troy University Mission

 Troy University is a public institution comprised of a network of campuses throughout Alabama and worldwide. International in scope, Troy University provides a variety of educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, to include doctoral programs, for a diverse student body in traditional, nontraditional and emerging electronic formats. Academic programs are supported by a variety of student services which promote the welfare of the individual student. Troy University's dedicated faculty and staff promote discovery and exploration of knowledge and its application to life-long success through effective teaching, service, creative partnerships, scholarship and research.

Institutional Goals

Institutional goals refer to the central themes of the mission. They enable the mission and stand as major areas for institutional development. As derived from the Troy University mission, below are the institutional goals of the University.

  1. Provide an international scope to university programs and services
  2. Provide a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in traditional, nontraditional and electronic formats
  3. Maintain a diverse student population
  4. Provide services that promote the individual welfare of student
  5. Maintain a dedicated faculty and staff
  6. Promote discovery and exploration of knowledge dedicated to life-long learning success
  7. Ensure effective teaching
  8. Ensure the development of creative partnerships, scholarship and research
  9. Ensure efficient and effective operations and provide resources as needed to implement institutional mission, goals and objectives


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