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Quality Enhancement Plan

Quality Enhancement Plan 2020

“Internationally Aware, Globally Prepared”

Reinforcing Troy University’s position as Alabama’s International Institution will occur through the implementation of two independent yet complementary global-focus initiatives. Described in greater detail below, these initiatives are mutually supportive of the QEP’s focus and intended outcomes.

“Global Scholar” Initiative

Focused on developing the international awareness and global preparedness of students, the “Global Scholar” Initiative will complement the existing University Honors program with a globally focused major-specific track developed within and by each of Troy University’s five colleges. The Global Scholar Initiative will be available to students on the Troy Campus initially.

The goal of the program is to enhance global awareness of students interested in completing Troy University’s Global Scholar Program. We will train select cohorts of students to become more globally aware, and therefore prepared, to pursue careers or graduate opportunities in an international environment.

"Global Awareness (Inter-Cultural Competency)” Initiative 

Focused on faculty, staff, and administrator development, the QEP committee or designates will establish a “Global Awareness and Inter-Cultural Competency” Initiative. This multi-faceted program will, in part, develop training for faculty, staff and administrators that facilitates interaction and understanding between Troy University employees and international students. This opportunity will be available to faculty at all locations. Upon successful completion of the training, the participant will be expected to be more sensitive to and have a better understanding of the unique needs and issues our international students face, which should result in an improved Troy University experience for international students.


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