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About the Digital Forensics Minor/Certificate

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“ Digital Forensics is the scientific and technical examination and analysis of data acquired from computers, storage devices, cell phones, or any electronic device for use in a court of law.  Digital forensics analysts recover data, i.e., images, documents, web surfing history, emails or other electronic correspondence even though it may be deleted or erased.  The Department of Criminal Justice Digital Forensics program covers a wide range of knowledge, including, digital evidence, legal issues, crime scenes,  examination and analysis of digital evidence with a primary emphasis on digital forensics and investigations in law enforcement environment.  ”

Dr. Gary Daniel  |  Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics Courses Offered by Troy University

CJ 3380 (3) Digital Forensics I 
CJ 4480 (3) Digital Forensics II
CJ 4482 (3) Digital Evidence Practicum 
CJ 3382 (3) Social Media Investigation 
CJ 4472 (3) Cyber Crime 
CJ 4481 (3) Operating and File System Forensics 
CJ 4475 (3) Seminar Cyber Crime    


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Program Locations

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