Cost of Attendance

Your cost of attendance is the estimated amount that it will cost you to attend Troy University during the nine-month academic year using standard costs.

Standard Costs:

Standard costs reflect a modest, adequate living allowance. They include: registration fees, an allowance for books and supplies, and average living expenses. They do not take into consideration all individual circumstances or discretionary expenses.

The Cost of Attendance or (COA) is sometimes called the Cost of Education and sometimes "your budget." It is composed of standard tuition, fees, books, supplies, personal expenses, transportation, room, and board.

Actual Expenses:

Actual expenses may vary according to individual lifestyle, priorities, and obligations.

Costs may be recalculated to include certain expenses such as child care, costs related to a disability, and extraordinary medical expenses.

Actual Tuition & Fees can be found under Student Financial Services on the Tuition and Fees page.

2019-2020 Cost of Attendance