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Master of Science in Criminal Justice

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About the Criminal Justice Master’s Program at TROY

Whether you want to advance your career in law enforcement, the courts, corrections, homeland security or another area, Troy University’s graduate program in criminal justice prepares you to make a positive impact on the field. With a comprehensive curriculum and experienced faculty, TROY’s M.S. in criminal justice degree equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to pursue advanced careers in criminal justice or a terminal degree.

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Gain a Deeper Understanding of Criminal Justice

Build on your bachelor’s degree to develop a strong knowledge base in administration, criminal law, research and criminology. TROY’S M.S. in criminal justice program helps you develop expertise in the key areas of criminal justice and the issues confronting the system today. In our program, you’ll develop skills such as problem solving, leadership, and critical thinking to help fulfill the need for professional law enforcement personnel and competent criminal justice administrators.

Prepare for Advanced Careers in Criminal Justice

TROY’s criminal justice master’s program prepares you to climb the ranks in local, regional or national law enforcement, teach at the college level or work in other advanced roles. At TROY, you’ll gain a rich understanding of the evolving criminal justice field and practice skills, such as analysis, administration, research and communication, applicable to numerous advanced careers in our country. Specialize in general criminal justice or security studies to gain expertise according to your career goals.
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Master of Science in Criminal Justice Curriculum

While specific courses may vary from year to year, your coursework will cover law, theory, leadership, research methods, analysis and more.
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Criminal Justice Master's Program Locations

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice is offered online, allowing you to learn on your own schedule from anywhere. For more information about program availability and delivery call 1-800-414-5756

A Graduate Program in Criminal Justice with Internships and Study Abroad

TROY’s criminal justice master’s program offers two internship courses to help you gain job-relevant experience in the field and further develop your skills. Through these hands-on experiences, you’ll apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to real-world settings, such as law enforcement departments, government agencies, public service institutions and more. 

Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to study abroad and examine the differences between the U.S. criminal justice system and that of your chosen country. You’ll also learn about unique problems related to crime abroad and tactics other countries use to solve them.

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Careers in Criminal Justice

Master’s in criminal justice graduates can enter or advance their careers in law enforcement, private security, homeland security, corrections or criminal justice agencies.

Faculty Profiles

Halil Akbas, Ph.D.

Halil Akbas, Ph.D.

Dr. Halil Akbas is the Associate Chair and Associate Professor of criminal justice and criminology. His main research interests include the study of policing strategies, immigration, human trafficking and terrorism. Dr. Akbas teaches graduate courses in law enforcement, criminal justice policy, homeland security and more.
L. Sergio Garduno, Ph.D.

L. Sergio Garduno, Ph.D.

Dr. Sergio Garduno is an Assistant Professor of criminal justice and criminology. His main research includes the study of HIV, jails and gangs. Dr. Garduno teaches graduate courses in research methods and criminological theory.
Soheil Sabriseilabi, Ph.D.

Soheil Sabriseilabi, Ph.D.

Dr. Soheil Sabriseilabi is an Assistant Professor of sociology and criminology. His main research includes the relationship between religion and crime, and the role of public opinion on legalization of unnatural death. Dr. Sabriseilabi teaches graduate courses in deviant behavior, capital punishment, ethics in criminal justice and more.
Jolene Vincent, Ph.D.

Jolene Vincent, Ph.D.

Dr. Jolene Vincent is an Assistant Professor of sociology and criminology. Her main research includes the study of human trafficking, homicide and serial killings. She teaches graduate courses in criminological theory.
Jeffrey C. Lee, Ph.D.

Jeffrey C. Lee, Ph.D.

Jeffrey C. Lee, Ph.D. is a lecturer of criminology at Troy University, Troy, AL. His background includes 5 years with the Florida Department of Corrections, 1 year as a Baker County Deputy Sheriff, 10 years as a Special Agent with the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco and 4 years as the Director of the Criminal Justice Academy and Dean of Public Safety at St. Johns River State College. Dr. Lee has received twelve awards of commendation and service including the Davis Productivity Award and a nomination for the Medal of Valor. His research interest include tourist policing and victimization, criminal justice education, officer wellness and resiliency.
Gary P. Daniel

Gary P. Daniel

Gary Daniel is professor of practice in digital forensics and a retired detective. He teaches graduate courses in crime analysis, cyber forensics, and AI and game forensics.

Tailor Your Criminal Justice Master’s Degree with a Concentration

Broaden your career opportunities by choosing a specialization that fits your career goals.
M.S. in Criminal Justice: General Concentration
Gain a broad understanding of key areas of criminal justice, such as court administration, juvenile justice, law enforcement, ethics, civil liberties, corrections and more. This concentration qualifies you for careers in criminal justice like probation or correctional officer, first-line supervisor of correctional officers, public safety officer, emergency management director and others.
M.S. in Criminal Justice: Security Studies Concentration

Gain specialized knowledge in homeland security, intelligence analysis, border security, crime analysis, terrorism, transnational crime and other areas related to security. This concentration prepares you for leadership roles in criminal investigation, customs and border protection, private security and more. 

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FAQ About the Master of Science in Criminal Justice Program

Learn more about the field of criminal justice and our graduate program.
What is a master’s degree in criminal justice?
A master’s degree in criminal justice is a graduate-level credential that allows you to assume advanced roles in law enforcement, criminology, border patrol, personal security and other areas of criminal justice.
What can you do with a master’s in criminal justice?
A master’s in criminal justice degree qualifies you for numerous advanced careers and leadership roles in criminal justice. Whether you want to become a professor of criminal justice, a criminal profiler, criminologist, criminal investigator or federal probation officer, a master’s degree in criminal justice prepares you for those roles and many others.
How long is a master’s degree in criminal justice?
You can complete the TROY master’s degree in criminal justice in two years or less by taking classes full time.
How many credits do you need for a master’s in criminal justice?
You must complete 30 credit hours to earn a master’s in criminal justice degree at TROY.
Is criminal justice or related background required to apply for the program?
No criminal justice background is required; however, students who do not have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or related fields may be required to complete additional coursework.
Is there an internship opportunity within the M.S. in criminal justice program?
Yes, students can take up to six credit hours of internship.
Does the diploma master’s of criminal justice specify ‘online’?
No, Troy University diplomas do not specifically say “online.” All diplomas and transcripts are titled as Troy University.

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At just 26 years old, TROY alumna Kameisha Logan is following her passion and opening a law firm in her hometown of Selma, Alabama.

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