Criminology Courses

Criminology Courses (CRM)

CRM 5520 - Crime Analysis (3)

The purpose of this course is to utilize analytical methods being used in crime intervention and prevention strategies. The course especially focuses on the analysis of crime in space, time, and individuals (e.g., offenders, targets, and victims).

CRM 6620 - Drugs, Crime, and Justice (3)

This course provides a comprehensive examination of the drug problem and the link between crime and drug abuse. It describes traditional and modern approaches to solve the problem of drug abuse. The course also discusses and evaluates various criminal justice drug policies and their impacts on society.

CRM 6625 - Evidence-Based Crime Prevention (3)

This course explores relationships between crime policy and empirical evaluation research. Students will learn to critically analyze empirical evidence regarding specific criminal justice and crime-related policies, identify factors that influence policy making, and describe challenges associated with evaluation research of crime-focused programs.

CRM 6630 - Criminal Justice Policy (3)

This course provides an in-depth analysis of criminal justice policy and its association with the American Criminal Justice System. It examines the current nature of crime and criminal justice policies and evaluates their effectiveness, outcomes, and implications. Finally, this course discusses some contemporary issues and future trends related to criminal justice policy.

CRM 6636 - Criminological Theory (3)

An in-depth overview of major criminological perspectives as well as their nature and extent, especially those found in the United States, and an analysis of the etiology of criminal behavior, criminal law, and the societal reaction to criminals.

CRM 6637 - Selected Topics in Criminology (3)

An examination of a particular subject which is not offered under the normal course offerings. May be repeated (with different topics) for credit. See semester hours limited list under Course Restriction in General Regulations section.

CRM 6640 - Seminar in Victimology (3)

This is a survey of the field of victimology. We shall examine the risks, and consequences of crime for its victims. Issues considered include victim-offender relationships, characteristics of victims, the nature, and consequences of the injuries they experience, and criminal justice response to crime victims.

CRM 6645 - Seminar in Transnational Crime (3)

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the history of proliferation, and types of transnational crime. The course will also discuss the major issues related to criminal justice policies, national and international approaches to control transnational crime.

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