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MSN - Master of Science in Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing Degree (MSN)


The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program is offered online and based on TROY campuses in Montgomery, Troy, and Phenix City. The MSN is designed to provide graduates of baccalaureate programs in nursing the opportunity to develop the advanced knowledge and clinical skills required for leadership positions in nursing. The MSN program prepares nurses for advanced practice roles in Healthcare Informatics, Nurse Leadership, and Family Nurse Practitioners. The Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate option, Healthcare Informatics and Nursing Leadership Certificate option, and Nurse Educator Certificate option are available for MSN-prepared nurses.

The MSN degree is awarded on completion of course work with a 3.0 or better grade point average (GPA) and fulfillment of candidacy requirements. A certificate of completion is awarded to those who complete any of the Post-Masters FNP Certificate options.

Students may enroll for full-time or part-time study. Students are accepted for admission to all tracks for part-time study every semester or full-time study in the fall semester. The program is offered online with clinical experiences.

Applicants residing outside of Alabama: 
Each of the states has its own approval processes for out-of-state institutions offering distance education. While Troy University endeavors to offer all of its programs to as wide an audience as possible, all Troy University distance education programs may not be available in all states. Prospective students may contact the MSN Coordinator regarding questions about authorizations in specific states.

Application Deadlines:

You are encouraged to submit your application as soon as possible. Once all seats are filled we will not be able to accept additional students into the cohort. All application components must be received by:
  • November 1st for Spring Admission
  • May 1st for Summer Admission
  • July 1st for Fall Admission



Submit Application for Admission to Graduate Study.

  • To submit an application for admission to graduate studies, please go to and select future students. On the admissions page, you can create a personalized profile, submit an application, and check the status of your documents. On the Graduate Application, you will be prompted to choose a location. There you will choose “Online Nursing MSN/DNP” as your location and your program of choice.

Submit Your Nursing Application

All students enrolling in a clinical nursing course must have current, written documentation of the following clinical requirements:

  1. Current unencumbered licensure as an RN for the state in which you will be having clinical experiences.
  2. Professional liability insurance purchased through Troy University.
  3. Annual physical exam with TB skin test indicating sound health.
  4. Results of serum titers for measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, and hepatitis B indicating immune status.
  5. Proof of BCLS certification (ACLS certification is acceptable).
  6. Verification of current personal health insurance.
  7. Negative drug screen certified by LabCorp Laboratories through Certified Background.
  8. Annual influenza vaccination
  9. Clear criminal background check through Certified Background.
  10. Signed OSHA training acknowledgement form.
  11. Signed HIPAA training acknowledgement form.
  12. Signed Permission to Release Records form.
  13. Signed Disclosure Statement.
  14. Signed acknowledgement of Core Performance Standards.
  15. All evidence documents must be valid from the time of registration through the end of the semester.

OSHA Training:


Provide proof of training from employer or click on link to view slide presentation:

Click on link to complete OSHA Signature Form.

HIPAA Training:


Provide proof of training from employer or click on link to view slide presentation:

Click on link to complete HIPAA Signature Form.


Do not submit any documents prior to the semester before you begin clinicals. You will be given instructions to upload documents to TYPHON®

Forms submitted one time only prior to beginning clinicals:

Form that must be updated each semester while in clinical courses:

Forms that usually require updating during clinical courses:

Other documentation required: copy of RN license, BCLS or ACLS card, Titers: measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, hepatitis B, background check, an drug screen.

The Preceptor Information form is provided as a Word document. Download the form, type in the required information, save the form, and send as email attachment to designated faculty.

About the Nursing Education Certificate 

The Post-Master’s Certificate in Nursing Education from Troy University prepares nurses who want to develop excellent teaching practices and achieve certification to become nurse educators and transition to academia. You can take your love of caring for others and teaching and move your career to the next level with this certificate from TROY.

Filling a need

Nursing schools across the nation are experiencing faculty shortages, according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). These shortages are limiting nursing programs from being able to enroll qualified nursing students.

According to the AACN, the reasons for the nurse faculty shortage is climbing faculty age, increasing faculty retirements across the U.S., higher compensation in clinical settings and education programs not producing a large enough pool of potential educators to meet the demand.

Furthermore, TROY’s School of Nursing is seeking to gain the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) through The Health Resources and Services Administration

(HRSA) for doctoral students wishing to enter into full-time education positions. As part of the NFLP grant, the School of Nursing must prepare doctoral graduates to be nurse educators.

What you need to know

The Post-Master’s Certificate in Nursing Education from Troy University consists of five courses, offered at TROY’s School of Nursing, totaling 15 credit hours and 180 clinical clock hours. The program is offered online and is open to graduate students who have completed an MSN program and meet the requirements for admission.

Students interested in the nursing education certificate option can enroll at the master’s or doctoral level. Those who complete the certificate option earn a certificate of completion, not another master’s degree, and are eligible to apply for the appropriate specialty certification exam.

Skills learned

The courses you will take for the Post-Master’s Certificate in Nursing Education will focus on curriculum design, teaching strategies and evaluation methods. Upon completion of the certificate, you will have the skills needed to be able to design and develop a nursing curriculum and assess and evaluate outcome methods.

Hands-on experience

The culminating practicum, 180 clinical clock hours, provides you with opportunities to put what you’ve learned into practice. You will complete role practicum experiences in teaching which provides ample opportunity to apply theory to practice.

ACADEMIC CATALOG - POST MASTERS Nursing Education Certificate

MY DEGREE MAP - POST MASTERS Nursing Education Certificate


Program Locations

  • TROY Online^

^All courses are offered online in 16-week semesters


For more information about accreditation and approval for nursing programs please visit the School of Nursing accreditation and approval page.

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