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Master’s Degree in Psychology

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About TROY’s Master of Science in Psychology

If you want a graduate degree that will open the door to psychology careers in post-secondary education, government and social services, or nonprofit and for-profit organizations, consider the Master of Science in Psychology at Troy University. Taught by expert faculty researchers with years of experience in the field, TROY’s comprehensive psychology graduate program will also prepare you for doctoral studies in psychology and related fields. By taking classes full-time, you can complete this 100% online master’s degree in psychology in as little as 17 months. No GRE is required, and you can choose either a thesis or non-thesis track. This program offers start terms in Term 1 (August) and Term 3 (January).

Hawkins Hall on TROY's Campus.

A Comprehensive & Customizable Online Master’s Degree in Psychology

TROY’s program is comprehensive, customizable and 100% online with the same high academic quality you’d experience through in-person graduate programs in psychology. By enrolling in psychology classes that match your specialized interests and career goals, you’ll build on foundational core courses, such as Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues. 

A Master’s in Psychology with Thesis and Non-Thesis Tracks

At TROY, you can choose from two degree completion paths — the non-thesis option and the thesis option. The non-thesis track is for those who want to launch or advance their career in a psychological or related field or the corporate or private sectors. The thesis track is for those who want to pursue an education specialist degree or a doctorate. Choose the option that works best for your personal and professional goals. 
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Master of Science in Psychology Curriculum

While specific courses may vary from year to year, your M.S. in psychology coursework may include:
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Psychology Graduate Program Locations

Get the flexibility you need with a fully online master’s degree in psychology. For more information about program availability and delivery options, call 1-800-414-5756.

Make a Difference in the World with TROY’s Psychology Master’s Degree

Learn to work effectively with people from different cultures and backgrounds by increasing your global awareness and competency at TROY. Our course, Global Identity: Connecting Your International Experience to Your Future, provides global perspectives in psychology and encourages exploration of your own experiences. You can also gain further global experience in the field by studying abroad during your time in the psychology graduate program. 
TROY student working on a computer.

Careers with the TROY M.S. in Psychology

Work with and advocate for others by earning your master’s in psychology from TROY. In our program, you’ll learn to better understand people and their behaviors in whatever career path you choose, including in the business world and education field.

After graduation, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned in TROY’s psychology graduate program to psychology careers and more. You’ll be prepared to work in nonprofit and for-profit organizations, business, governmental agencies, social and community outreach organizations, and educational institutions. Specific job titles include: 

  • Post-secondary psychology instructor
  • Research assistant
  • Residential advisor
  • Social service worker
  • Academic advisor
  • Family services coordinator

Faculty Profiles

Dr. Frank Hammonds

Dr. Frank Hammonds

Dr. Hammonds serves as Chair of TROY's Psychology Department.
Dr. Kanessa Doss

Dr. Kanessa Doss

Dr. Doss is an Associate Professor of Psychology and also serves as the Director of Academic Operations for the Department of Psychology.

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FAQ About the Psychology Master’s Degree

Learn more about the field of psychology and our psychology graduate program.
How many years is a master’s degree in psychology?
You can finish the master’s in psychology at TROY in 17 to 19 months. Your time to degree competition depends on whether you choose the non-thesis, 33-credit track or the thesis, 36-credit track. 
What can you do with a master’s degree in psychology?
With the online master’s degree in psychology at TROY, you open the door to psychology careers and jobs in a variety of industries and settings. Some job titles include: 

  • Compliance manager
  • Employee trainer
  • Recruiter
  • Sales representative
  • Customer service officer
  • Professional development coach
  • Human resources assistant
  • Child protection worker
  • Case manager
  • Family service worker
  • Group home coordinator
  • Social service worker
  • Post-secondary psychology instructor
  • Research assistant
  • Residential advisor
Academic advisor

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By earning TROY’s Master of Science in Psychology degree, you can open the door to a wide variety of career options.

16 of the Best Careers with a Master’s in Psychology

If you’re thinking of pursuing a master’s degree in psychology, you’re likely looking to enhance your career opportunities. But beyond becoming a counselor or therapist, you may be wondering what jobs can you get with a master’s in psychology? Dr. Kanessa Doss and Dr. Heidi Beattie, both associate professors of psychology at Troy University, say that by earning TROY’s Master of Science in Psychology you can open the door to a wide variety of career options.

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