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Master of Social Work

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May 15 | Oct. 15 for 1-Year Direct Practice only
*Available for International Students
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Open Doors and Make a Difference with TROY’s MSW Degree

Gain the skills to impact others while opening the door to better-paying jobs in social work and beyond with the Troy University Master of Social Work (MSW) program. TROY’s MSW degree offers two specializations: Direct Practice with a focus on military families or Organizational Leadership and Management with a focus on international social work. If you’re looking for online MSW programs, you’ll also have that option at TROY.

Master of Social Work graduate Chelsie Trucks on the academic quad on the Troy, Alabama campus
“My master’s degree has helped me become a better leader. I have been able to implement critical thinking skills, policies and ethics in my job that my degree has trained and taught me to do. I am thankful for the additional training and hands-on experience that my degree provided me with, so I can help others daily.”
Chelsie Trucks | Care Coordinator, East Alabama Health | 2021 graduate, Master of Social Work, Direct Practice

Career-Focused MSW Specializations

With the TROY MSW degree, you can choose from two specializations. If you want to work directly in the fields of social work with individuals, families and groups, the Direct Practice specialization is the one for you. This one-of-a-kind specialization also helps you fill an unmet need for social work services for active-duty military and reserve personnel and their families. If you want to lead programs, communities and organizations in a unique way, TROY’s one-year Organizational Leadership and Management specialization is ideal for you. This online MSW program, one of only 20 in the country, teaches you how to manage resources within organizational structures in the private, public and nonprofit sectors.

MSW Paths for BSW & Non-BSW Students

If you have a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree from a school accredited by the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE), you can complete your TROY MSW degree in one year. If you do not have a BSW degree, you will pursue TROY’s two-year MSW program. No entrance exams are required to apply. The one-year MSW with Direct Practice specialization is offered online and in person on the Troy and Montgomery campuses. The two-year MSW degree with Direct Practice specialization is offered online. The one-year and two-year MSW with Organizational Leadership and Management specializations are also online.
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MSW Curriculum

While specific courses may vary from year to year, your coursework may include:
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MSW Degree Locations

Depending on your chosen specialization, you can take classes online or in class. For more information about program availability and delivery options, call 1-800-414-5756.

Preparation for Professional Social Work Licensure

TROY’s MSW program meets almost any state’s professional social work licensure requirements. That distinction gives you the confidence to know you’ll be prepared for social work careers that fit your interests and goals, including helping the most vulnerable populations.

TROY’s MSW program is accredited by the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE), which is required for licensure in Alabama and across the nation. To become a licensed social worker, you must also pass the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) exam and complete the required supervised work hours after graduation.

Read more about Public Disclosure of Social Work Licensure.
Academic quad on the Troy, Alabama campus

Jobs with an MSW Degree

With your Master of Social Work from TROY, you’ll be prepared to work within a multitude of social work fields and settings.

Two Distinctive MSW Specializations

You’ll have two specializations to choose from in TROY’s MSW degree program: Direct Practice and Organizational Leadership and Management. Depending upon your chosen specialization, you’ll be equipped for careers in program planning, administration, counseling, research, advocacy, mental health, disaster relief, criminal justice systems, Veterans Administration and areas of private practice.
Direct Practice Specialization
The Direct Practice specialization offers you a one-of-a-kind opportunity. You will receive specialized training in providing advanced-level social work services to individuals, families and groups.

In addition, TROY’s long partnership with the United States military and TROY’s faculty with military backgrounds provides you the unique opportunity to gain focused training in assisting military families. In addition to serving the specific unmet need for social work services for our active-duty military and reserve personnel, you’ll have the opportunity to fill a need in public and private social work areas as a graduate in this specialization.

The one-year Direct Practice is a Master of Social Work online program and is also offered in class on the Troy and Montgomery campuses. The two-year Direct Practice is an online MSW program.

*Available for International Students (accreditation standards apply)
Organizational Leadership and Management Specialization
The Organizational Leadership and Management specialization is unlike any MSW program offered in Alabama and is one of only 20 such MSW programs in the United States. This specialization provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage resources within unique organizational structures both in the private and public sectors. It will set you apart in the job market, leading you to careers in the fields of social work and beyond.

The one-year and two-year MSW with Organizational Leadership and Management specialization is offered online.

Faculty Profiles

Dr. Javier Boyas

Dr. Javier Boyas

Javier Boyas, Ph.D., MSW, is the director of the TROY School of Social Work and Human Services. He holds a Ph.D. in Social Work from Boston College. Dr. Boyas’ research focuses on effective intervention and prevention approaches to reduce and ultimately eliminate health and mental health disparities among communities of color, particularly among the Latina/o/x community. His teaching interests are in social research methods, human diversity, social welfare policy, and racial and ethnic relations within a U.S. context.


Learn more about the fields of social work and TROY’s MSW program.
What is an MSW?
What does MSW stand for? MSW stands for Master of Social Work, a graduate degree in human services. You can pursue an MSW after earning a bachelor’s degree in any subject. If you want to help people in crisis, promote social justice, and improve the well-being of people and communities, the MSW degree could be an ideal graduate degree for you.
What can I do with an MSW?
With a Master of Social Work, you can prepare for advanced roles in the fields of social work. An MSW degree can help you become a licensed clinical social worker or pursue other careers.
What can I do with an MSW besides social work?
Earning a Master of Social Work can also lead to careers outside of social work. For example, other career options include human resources professional, health educator, community services manager, nonprofit leader, policy analyst, child welfare worker and social science research assistant, among others.

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MSW graduate Chelsie Trucks

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