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Javier Boyas

Javier Boyas, Ph.D., MSW

Assistant Dean of Research, College of Health Sciences 
Director, School of Social Work and Human Services
211-D Wright Hall
Troy Campus 

Ph.D., Boston College

Leading Change in building knowledge that contributes to effective intervention and prevention approaches to reduce and ultimately eradicate health and mental health disparities among vulnerable populations, such as communities of color and child protection workers. My program of research aims to build knowledge that contributes to effective intervention and prevention approaches to reduce and ultimately eliminate health and mental health disparities among communities of color, particularly among the Latina/o/x community. Dr. Boyas’ scholarship can be found in the journals: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology; Journal of Skin Cancer, American Journal of Men’s Health; Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine; Children & Youth Services Review, Community Mental Health Journal, and Hispanic Health Care International. His teaching interests are in the areas of social research methods, human diversity, social welfare policy and racial and ethnic relations within a U.S. context. 

Boyas CV


Dana Bush

Dana Bush

112-C Wright Hall
Troy Campus
(334) 670-6540

MSW, Troy University

Leading Change by building the next generation of social workers with in-class experiences and field placements that will serve to prepare them to empower their future clients and communities. Prof. Bush’s dual expertise in social work and higher education uniquely equips her to engage with students on a profound level and forge connections among them and with crucial agencies. Professor Bush's passion lies in assisting students in pinpointing their ideal social work and human services domains tailored to their skills and passions. A steadfast advocate for community welfare, Prof. Bush actively contributes as a member of Troy's Basic Needs Committee, championing co-curricular initiatives that empower students to address the pressing needs of underserved communities through civic engagement. Rooted in her mission is the comprehensive education of students in the tenets of social work, human services, and human behavior, drawing from her extensive background in medical social work, group home and foster care management, and case management. 

Bush CV


Emily Cason

Emily Cason, LICSW

Coordinator of Field Education
411-B Whitley Hall
Montgomery Campus
(334) 241-5425

MSW, Florida State University

Leading Change by using her experiences as a social worker in multiple healthcare settings to educate students on social workers' roles in the healthcare field. Professor Cason values interdisciplinary teamwork and aims to share this knowledge with her students and community members. She uses these experiences to teach students direct practice and case management as they transition to field education and professional social work opportunities. Professor Cason’s educational interests are in the area of field education as well as social work in healthcare settings and assessment and psychopathology. 

Cason CV

Rebecca Clark

Rebecca Clark, PhD, LICSW

317E River Front Campus
Phenix City
(334) 448-5156

Ph.D., University of Louisville

Leading Change in building knowledge that contributes to effective and evidence-based interventions and prevention approaches for trauma, anxiety, and behavior modification. My research and scholarly initiatives aim to build knowledge that contributes to education prevention, and intervention for those that have experienced trauma with an emphasis on mission critical team members such as first responders, clergy, and military members. My current initiatives and scholarly pursuits also revolve around program development and holistic operational plans. Dr. Clark’s teaching interests are in the areas of psychopathology and assessment, social work with individuals, families, and groups, and social work in health care settings.

Clark CV

Amy Cox

Amy E. Cox, PhD, LMSW

MSW Program Director
112-D Wright Hall
Troy Campus
(334) 670-3355 

Ph.D., Troy University

Leading Change in mental health with a focus on military families and student-athletes. As a military spouse, Dr. Cox has research interests related to military families, which have led her to present, publish, and create social work courses related to fostering an awareness of the unique issues impacting our military service members and their families. An additional area of research focus relates to the promotion of mental health literacy among sport management curricula, athletes, coaches, and staff. In collaboration with various institutional departments and leaders, Dr. Cox has sought to promote social justice, advocacy, and positive mental health among student-athletes. 

Cox CV


Danielle Goodson

Danielle Goodson, LMSW

Wright Hall 112-E
Troy Campus
(334) 670-5767

MSW, Troy University

Leading Change by strengthening and utilizing her experiences as a social worker to educate students on the various social work roles within the community, healthcare, and mental health fields. Prof. Goodson's professional odyssey is a testament to her adaptability and unwavering commitment to serving others. Professor Goodson's experiential spectrum is extensive as a trauma/medical social worker, community case manager, policy intern, mental health therapist, and family preservation specialist. This wealth of expertise is seamlessly woven into her pedagogical approach, reflected in her instruction of courses such as Social Work Practice in Healthcare Settings, Crisis Intervention, Social Work with Individuals, Human Behavior in the Social Environment, and Professional Interviewing/Communication. Her understanding of direct practice infuses her mentorship, equipping budding social workers with practical insights. Professor Goodson's academic passions span mental health, case management, social work in healthcare, human behavior, and field education, underscoring her dedication to shaping well-rounded and capable social work professionals. 

Goodson CV

Audra Hines

Audra Hines, LMSW, ADC

112E Wright Hall
Troy Campus
(334) 670-3367

MSW, The University of Alabama 

Leading Change by providing an educational environment of excellence for students to become critical thinkers, change agents, and community contributors. Professor Hines has over fifteen years of direct practice experience working with individuals, families, and communities struggling with mental illness and substance use. She has an interactive and engaging teaching style inspired by her real-world experiences with populations she has served. Professor Hines has a deep-rooted joy in journeying with students to become influential professionals in the field of social work. She teaches in both the BSW and MSW program, including courses in case management, ethics, social work in the health care setting, introduction to social work, advanced social work practice with groups, assessment, and psychopathology focusing on social work assessment methods. Her research interest includes mental health, substance use, and recovery, social determinants of health and well-being, and suicide prevention.

Hines CV

Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones, MSW

Director of Field Education
411-A Whitley Hall
Montgomery Campus
(334) 241-5420

MSW, Western Kentucky University

Leading Change in field education through partnerships with agencies within the Troy community and beyond. My main focus is to build relationships with community partners to help enhance student field experiences and to prepare students for a successful career in social work. Professor Jones’ teaching interests primarily consist of practicum/field related courses. She has also taught courses related to human behavior in the social environment, crisis intervention, and case management. Her social work practice experience consists of school social work, therapeutic services with the juvenile population, and career exploration with young adults.

Jones CV

Onick Lewis

Onick Lewis, EdD, MSW

BSW Program Director
112-H Wright Hall
Troy Campus
(334) 670-3352 

Ed.D., Grand Canyon University
Leading Change in promoting happiness and self-care in social workers. That means preparing students to focus on the positive aspects of the social work profession and helping them to understand the importance of self-care, what leads to burnout, and how to notice the warning signs to prevent burnout before it happens. Dr. Lewis’ research revolves around subjective well-being (happiness), organizational buy-in, humanizing a workplace, and how leadership styles can harness more productive and happier employees. His teaching interests are in the areas of organizational development and leadership, social work with communities and organizations, cultural/human diversity, and social policy and planning.

Lewis CV


Dr. Leah McCoy

Leah McCoy, Ph.D., LMSW

Assistant Professor
112-B Wright Hall
Troy Campus
(334) 670-3369

Ph.D., Sam Houston State University

Leading change in strengthening the knowledge base for future social workers by using practical and research experience in mental health and nonprofit studies to empower and educate students.  Dr. McCoy's research interests include mental health in the criminal justice population, and substance use among women in rural areas.  Her work has most recently been published in Health Promotion Perspectives, Victims & Offenders, and the Community Mental Health Journal.  Her teaching interests within the MSW and BSW programs include the areas of organizational management and leadership, research methods, and human behavior.  

McCoy CV

K. Lynn Vukovich

Lynn Vukovich, LMSW

321 Malone Hall
Dothan Campus
(334) 983-6556 ext. 21462 

MSW, Florida State University

Leading Change by strengthening the knowledge base where awareness and advocacy for vulnerable populations are promoted. Professor Vukovich intends to demonstrate respect and credence for gender equality, diversity inclusion, and cultural competence through the courses taught. She fosters an understanding of human behavior across the lifespan while demonstrating how the footprint of the past can have a foothold on the present. She introduces modes of therapy that provide students with opportunities to explore evidence-based practice in social work, with the hope that they will utilize these modes in practice. Professor Vukovich will provide opportunities through instruction, assignments, and feedback to promote strengths and practice application. Her teaching areas of interest are human behavior courses, cultural diversity courses, and social work with groups.

Vukovich CV


Rachel Walker

Rachel Walker, LICSW, PIP

322 Malone Hall
Dothan Campus
(334) 983-6556 ext. 21402

MSW, Florida State University
Leading Change by promoting and enhancing student learning in the classroom while fostering a desire for community involvement. Bringing firsthand experiences as a social worker in the field of healthcare, Professor Walker enhances textbook material by juxtaposing concepts with real-life experiences. Her rich background in diverse practice settings will help students gain an understanding and perspective of direct practice methods. Professor Walker’s research interest includes the multi-layered benefits of volunteerism, while her teaching interests are in the areas of human behavior, social work in health care settings, and field education as it relates to continued partnerships in building world-changing leaders in social work.

Walker CV


Katherine Womack

Katherine Womack, LMSW

Riverfront 418-B
Phenix City Campus
(334) 448-5163 

MSW, Troy University

Leading Change in enhancing the future of social work by providing an environment of active learning, critical inquiry, and professional development in the classroom. Her teaching interests are in the area of child therapy, direct practice with individuals and families, and also include providing supervision and guidance in the area of field practicum. Concentrations of research include multiple aspects of child welfare, including attachment theories with adoptive families, therapeutic modalities of children who have experienced loss and trauma, parent training, and family engagement.

Womack CV




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Bridget Dubose

Manager of Contracts
Troy Campus
(334) 670-3585


Sarah Marsh

Sarah Marsh, MSADE

Departmental Secretary II
200 Adams Hall
Dothan Campus
(334) 983-6556 ext. 21435


Florence White

Florence White

Departmental Secretary II
112 Wright Hall
Troy Campus
(334) 670-3366




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