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About the American and Latin American History Program

A knowledge of history helps us address global issues and continually empowers students to create a better world. As a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in history with a concentration in American/Latin American studies from Troy University, you will gain a better understanding of the backgrounds, stories and cultures that have helped shape today’s world. You will then have the opportunity to put your newfound knowledge to work as you help educate others through excelling in a career you love.

Gain new understanding

TROY’s American/Latin American history degree gives you the opportunity to study under the instruction of qualified faculty members who are dedicated to help you develop the skills of critical thinking and rigorous research. As you work your way toward earning your degree, you will be exposed to a wide range of Western civilization and U.S. history. You can choose from an array of courses that will take you on a journey through the Old and New South, Jacksonian Era and Colonial America. If war-time America interests you, there are courses on the American Revolution, World War II, Civil, Vietnam and Cold Wars.  

With your focus on Latin America, your courses will include the history of colonial to modern Latin America. Classes in both areas will introduce you to the origins, development and character of the major centers of civilizations and their relationships to one another. Through your courses, you will dive deep into classes that focus on topics such as the study of alcohol and drug use, politics, infectious diseases, gender, religion and more. And, you’ll also experience dynamic teaching models that will help you experience history through gaming, movies and music.

Explore the world

Whether studying abroad or in the classroom, you will get hands-on experience in TROY’s American/Latin American history education degree. In the archival methods and practices course, you will be introduced to the history and social value of records and archives and have the opportunity to apply your knowledge by working on projects at an archival repository. And, in your research and methodology course, you will complete a formal research paper that demonstrates proficiency in research, writing and computer skills.




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