Civic Engagement

The Office of Civic Engagement

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Engaging students in the classroom and in the community.

Address community issues, make a difference, and build applied skills through service.

The Office of Civic Engagement in the John W. Schmidt Center for Student Success aims to connect Troy University students to applied learning opportunities where students can develop skills in leadership, project management, and civic action while making a difference in our local community. Our goal is to facilitate quality civic learning experiences that engage TROY students, faculty, and staff with community needs that enhance the academic experience. Below is an overview of our programs with links to more information.

Signature Programs 

Minor in Public Service and Civic Engagement: This interdisciplinary minor is designed to build capacity in personal and organizational action through policy, advocacy, and multiple forms of public service. Students in the minor build real world skills and knowledge for effective and ethical public service through study and applied practice. The minor is designed to complement a variety of majors and interest areas Click here for more info.