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Chemistry Courses (CHM)

CHM 5500 - Special Topics in Chemistry (3)

A study of topics of special interest, such as advanced physical chemistry, advanced analytical chemistry, advanced organic, group theory, surface chemistry, and colloid chemistry. Prerequisites: CHM 2242 and CHM 3343

CHM 5503 - Advanced Organic Chemistry (3)

A more in-depth study of many of the topics studied in Organic Chemistry I and II. Topics will include reaction mechanisms, synthetic methods, and structure determination using spectroscopic techniques. Prerequisite: CHM 3357

CHM 5544 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (3)

This course covers the spectroscopy of inorganic molecules, detailed molecular orbital applications, descriptive chemistry of the transition elements, including organometallic and bio-organic compounds. Prerequisites: CHM 2242, 5552 and L552

CHM L544 - Advanced Inorganic Laboratory (1)

A study of the preparation and characterization of inorganic compounds. Experience will be provided in techniques such as using a tube furnace and handling air-sensitive compounds with a glove bag and Schlenk line. Co-requisite or prerequisite: CHM 5544

CHM 5545 - Instrumental Analysis (3)

A study of the operating principles of modern analytical instrumentation for determining composition and concentration. Prerequisites: CHM 2242, CHM 3343, PHY 2253 and L253 or PHY 2263 and L263. Co-requisite: CHM L545

CHM L545 - Instrumental Analysis Laboratory (1)

The practical application of select modern analytical instruments to qualitative and quantitative examination of matter. Considerable attention is given to the instrument and elementary electronics involved in each. Co-requisite: CHM 5545

CHM 5552 - Physical Chemistry I (3)

A study of the theory and applications of thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, and transport properties with an emphasis on the description of ideal/non ideal gasses and solutions. Prerequisite: CHM 3343; PHY 2253 and L253 or PHY 2263 and L263; MTH 1126. Co-requisite: CHM L552

CHM L552 - Physical Chemistry I Laboratory (1)

An introduction to methods and techniques used in the physical chemistry laboratory, including experiments in calorimetry, phase equilibria, reaction kinetics, and transport properties. Co-requisite: CHM 5552

CHM 5553 - Physical Chemistry II (3)

A continuation of CHM 5552 with an introduction to surface phenomena, quantum chemistry, and spectroscopy with an emphasis on properties of surfaces, atomic and molecular structure, molecular orbital theory, and photochemistry. Prerequisite CHM 5552

CHM L553 - Physical Chemistry II Laboratory (1)

A continuation of CHM L552 with an introduction to methods and techniques in computational chemistry and spectroscopy. Co-requisite or prerequisite: CHM 5553

CHM 6625 6626 6627 - Specialized Study in Area of Chemistry (1-4)

A study of a problem or problems using research techniques. Selection of problem must be approved by the professor under whom the study is to be made and the Dean of Arts and Sciences. The study should contribute to the student’s program. Preparation of a scholarly paper is required and may involve oral defense. Total credit for any combination of enrollments in these courses may not exceed four semester hours. A Specialized Study may be substituted for a required course only once in a student’s program. See semester hour limits listed under Course Restrictions in General Regulations section.

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