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ENG 5501 - Chaucer (3)

A study of Chaucer’s major poetry.

ENG 5502 - Studies in Medieval Literature (3)

A study of non-Chaucerian British literature from the Middle Ages, including Beowulf, Piers Plowman, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, mystery plays, Le Morte d’Arthur, and other works.

ENG 5503 - English Renaissance Literature (3)

This course covers English prose and poetry of the 16th and early 17th centuries, with emphasis on Sidney, Spenser, Donne, and Jonson.

ENG 5504 - Milton (3)

A study of Milton’s poetry and major prose.

ENG 5505 - History of the English Language (3)

A study of the development of English from the Anglo-Saxon period through the present, with reference to the Indo-European background of English.

ENG 5513 - Modern Short Story (3)

An examination of 20th- and 21st-century short stories.

ENG 5515 - Modern Drama (3)

A detailed study of selected British and/or American plays written between 1900 and present. Review of production history, subject matter, staging, and dramatic techniques. Several oral and written reports. List of plays may vary with each offering.

ENG 5516 - Nineteenth-Century American Novel (3)

A study of representative American novels of the 19th century.

ENG 5526 - Modern Poetry (3)

A study of 20th- and 21st-century poetry.

ENG 5527 - Contemporary American Literature (3)

An examination of representative American literature from the postmodern period (1960-present), with special emphasis on the diversity of themes, styles, and cultural contexts influencing the literary marketplace. Course readings may vary with each offering.

ENG 5528 - The Age of Johnson (3)

A study of the works of Samuel Johnson and his most important contemporaries, from about 1745 to 1798.

ENG 5530 - Shakespeare I: The Tragedies (3)

A study of major and minor tragedies, with some attention to non-dramatic poetry. List of plays may vary with each offering.

ENG 5531 - Shakespeare II: The Comedies (3)

A study of comedies and romances. List of plays may vary with each offering.

ENG 5532 - Shakespeare III: The Histories (3)

A study of history plays, especially those concerning Wars of the Roses. List of plays may vary with each offering.

ENG 5533 - Literary Criticism (3)

A study of the major literary critics and their works from classical times to the present.

ENG 5534 - Romantic Period in English Literature (3)

A study of Romantic prose and poetry with emphasis on the writings of Blake, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Byron, Keats, and Shelley.

ENG 5535 - The Bible as Literature (3)

This course studies select works for the Bible for their literary qualities, composition and preservation techniques, and the historical factors that determined inclusion or exclusion as a sacred text.

ENG 5542 - Advanced Writing (3)

An intensive study of and practice in expository and argumentative prose. Requires writing several essays. Some evaluation of other students’ writing.

ENG 5543 - Southern Writers (3)

A study of works by writers from the American South from colonial times to the present.

ENG 5552 - Medieval and Renaissance English Drama (3)

A survey of drama from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, excluding Shakespeare. Begins with brief study of folk and liturgical origins of drama, includes a few medieval mystery and morality plays, and features Renaissance plays by Heywood, Udall, Kyd, Marlowe, Beaumont, Fletcher, Jonson, and Webster.

ENG 5557 - Form and Theory of Nonfiction Literature (3)

This course examines the theories behind various forms of nonfiction literature, whether autobiography, biography, the essay, diaries and/or travel writing, with special emphasis on the historical evolution of a particular form. List of readings will vary with each offering.

ENG 5560 - Victorian Poetry (3)

A study of Victorian poetry, with emphasis upon the works of Tennyson, Browning, Arnold, and Hardy.

ENG 5561 - Victorian Prose (3)

A survey of the works of major Victorian prose writers, with emphasis upon the works of Carlyle, New-man, Mill, Ruskin, Arnold, and Pater.

ENG 5562 - The Arthurian Legend Through the Ages (3)

This course will examine the Arthurian legend not only in literary and historical works from its earliest traces in the Middle Ages to the present, but also in archaeology, the visual and decorative arts (especially painting and sculpture), manuscript decoration, film, music, and opera.

ENG 5565 - African American Literature (3)

A study of selected works by significant African American writers from the eighteenth century to the present. Works include poetry, fiction, autobiography, and argumentative and expository prose.

ENG 5568 - Methods and Approaches in Second Language Teaching (3)

This course traces the evolution of language teaching from the methods era (e.g., grammar translation method, audiolingual method) to post-methods approaches (e.g., task-based learning, content-based learning, communicative approaches). Students will develop a repertoire of teaching approaches and identify appropriate options for different language teaching scenarios.

ENG 5569 - Principles, Techniques, and Materials in Second Language Teaching (3)

This course overviews the teaching principles, techniques, and materials relevant to an interactive approach to second language teaching. Students will expand their teaching repertoire by studying curriculum design, assessment measures, learner variables, techniques for teaching grammar/vocabulary/ four skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing), and sociopolitical contexts for teaching ESL/EFL.

ENG 6601 - Seminar in Chaucer (3)

A close examination of two major works of Chaucer and critical responses to them. Special consideration given to Chaucer’s language and versification and the medieval social background to his writing.

ENG 6603 - Seminar in Shakespeare (3)

A study of selected tragedies or comedies. Examination of various critical approaches. Extensive reading in relevant criticism. List of plays, as well as genre, may vary with each offering.

ENG 6605 - Linguistic Approaches to Grammar (3)

Study of American English from point of view of modern linguistic theories. Special consideration given to structural grammar and its possibilities in classrooms.

ENG 6606 - Theory and Practice of Analyzing Poetry (3)

A critical study of representative types of poetry, employing several approaches in analytical process.

ENG 6607 - The Backgrounds of Victorian Literature (3)

A study of Victorian literature (1837-1900) as it reflects social, economic, political, educational, aesthetic, and religious concerns.

ENG 6608 - Shakespeare’s History Plays (3)

A study of eight plays, from Richard II to Richard III, concerning the Wars of the Roses. Supplemental reading in Shakespeare’s sources and in twentieth-and twenty-first-century histories.

ENG 6609 - The Backgrounds of Nineteenth-Century American Literature (3)

A study of literature (fiction, nonfiction prose, and poetry) as it reflects key issues, ideas, concerns, problems, and trends of the period. May be taught in conjunction with a course in American history.

ENG 6610 - The Backgrounds of Twentieth-Century American Literature (3)

A study of literature (fiction, nonfiction prose, poetry, and drama) as it reflects key issues, ideas, concerns, problems, and trends of the period. May be taught in conjunction with a course in American history.

ENG 6613 - Theory and Practice of Analyzing the Short Story (3)

A critical study of representative types of short stories employing theoretical approaches in the analytical process.

ENG 6620 - Seminar in Restoration and 18th Century Literature (3)

A study of English prose and poetry in the Restoration and early 18th century, with emphasis on Dryden, Behn, Swift, and Pope.

ENG 6625 6626 6627 - Specialized Study in Area of English (1-4)

A study of problem or problems using research techniques. Selection of problem to be approved by student’s adviser, instructor under whom study is to be done, and director of graduate studies. Study should contribute to student’s program. Preparation of scholarly paper required and may involve oral defense. Total credit for any combination of enrollments in these courses not to exceed four semester hours. A specialized study may be substituted for a required course only one time in student’s program. See semester hour limits listed under Course Restrictions in General Regulations section.

ENG 6630 - Survey of SLA for Second Language Teachers (3)

SLA is the study of how language, social, and psychological factors influence language learning. A range of SLA topics are addressed from the perspective of language teaching: theories of human learning, theories of language acquisition, learning styles and strategies, communicative competence, cross-linguistic influences, and sociocultural factors.

ENG 6631 - Survey of Sociolinguistics for Second Language Teachers (3)

Sociolinguistics is the study of how social, political, and educational factors affect language use. A range of Sociolinguistics topics are addressed from the perspective of language teaching: literacy, world Englishes, language standardization, language variation and change, multilingual education, language planning and policy, group identity/morality, and regional/social dialects.

ENG 6632 - American Realism and Naturalism (3)

A seminar stressing critical approaches to the major works of such writers as James, Howells, Twain, Crane, and Dreiser.

ENG 6635 - The Victorian Novel (3)

The study of the content and techniques of representative novels of the period with some consideration of these novels in relation to significant social, philosophical, and literary needs.

ENG 6636 - The American Renaissance (3)

A seminar stressing critical approaches to the major works of Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, Melville, Poe, and Whitman.

ENG 6638 - Major American Writers: WWI to Present (3)

A study of major American writers who represent the various currents in American literature and thought from 1917 to present.

ENG 6641 - Theory and Practice of Grammar Studies (3)

Advanced studies in descriptive grammar in con-junction with sentence structure and standards of usage. Special emphasis upon current procedures for presenting the various systems of grammar (particularly structural).

ENG 6642 - Theory and Practice of Written Composition (3)

Advanced studies in expository and argumentative writing. Special emphasis upon procedures for presenting methods for organizing and developing various types of essays.

ENG 6643 - Trends in Children’s and Young Adult Literature (3)

A study of literature at the elementary, middle, and senior high levels. It includes reading the primary sources and studying the research and theory that support the use of children’s and young adult literature in the classroom.

ENG 6648 - Studies in the American Renaissance (3)

A study of the major works of the American Renaissance.

ENG 6651 - Studies in Modern Novel (3)

A study of selected American, British, and/or European novels of the modern age.

ENG 6656 - Studies in Literacy and the English Language (3)

Explores the rationale and practices for integrating the study of grammar and composition in the English language arts classroom.

ENG 6660 - Introduction to Applied Linguistics (3)

This course introduces the main content areas and research practices of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. Linguistics involves the systems of a language (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics). Applied Linguistics requires familiarity with these systems for the purpose of researching and teaching the way language is used (e.g., Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition).

ENG 6665 - Studies in African American Literature (3)

A study of major works by African American writers.

ENG 6670 6671 6672 - Seminar in Selected Topics (3)

Maximum of two semesters. Study of topic of special interest and importance which is not covered in regularly offered courses for advanced graduate students. See semester hour limits listed under Course Restrictions in General Regulations section.

ENG 6680 - Thesis Option in Literature (3)

An advanced study of a problem or issue in literary studies. Selection of topic must be approved by the student’s thesis director, who will oversee the project. Final project must demonstrate knowledge of extant criticism on the topic and should contribute to the student’s program. Oral defense of the thesis required before final approval. Recommended for students interested in pursuing doctoral work in literature.

ENG 6691 - Research in Education (3)

Research strategies for English educators and procedures for evaluating the language arts. ENG 6691 is a prerequisite for ENG 6696 Practicum. A grade of “B” or better is required.

ENG 6696 - Practicum in Area of Specialization, English (3)

Supervised experiences related to instruction in area of specialization. The application of skills, concepts, and principles acquired in previous courses will be emphasized. Prerequisite: All courses in Teaching Field Component and ENG 6691 must be completed.

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