Political Science Courses

Political Science Courses (POL)

POL 6605 - Foundations of Public Administration (3)

An overview of the history and intellectual foundation of public administration including the major ideas, developments, theories, concepts, and contributors to the growth of public administration and its practice in the United States. The students is introduced to the case analysis method.

POL 6622 - Comparative Government (3)

A comparative analysis of state governments in the world with am emphasis on political cultures, governmental institutions and political processes that lead to differences and international tensions.

POL 6624 - Intercultural Relations (3)

An analysis of the influence of culture on interstate relations including theories, concepts, and applications.

POL 6636 - Selected Topics in Political Science (3)

A n examination of a specifically defined topic of special and/or current interest and importance, which is not covered in regular course offerings in the Political Science Concentration.

POL 6649 - Leadership in Public Administration (3)

A survey of leadership theories, styles, and strategies in the contemporary public and nonprofit workplace.

POL 6650 - American Politics (3)

An examination of the American government, institutions, and political structure.

POL 6657 - Contemporary American Foreign Policy (3)

An examination of the foreign policies processes of the United States including historical traditions, political institutions, economic and military capabilities, the Congress, the Presidency, interest groups, the media, and public opinion.

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