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Criminal Justice


Whether one is interested in law enforcement, the courts or law school, corrections or juvenile justice jobs exist at all levels across the country. In addition, we understand that some want to continue their education to the graduate or professional level. Criminal Justice graduates have a solid background and preparation for graduate school or law school should one choose that avenue.

Want a Master's degree? We offer that as well, with new programs on the horizon.There are multiple opportunities for students to become involved and engaged, with student associations, study abroad options and other opportunities. Something you want to do? Something you're especially interested in? Get with a faculty member and we can probably make it happen.

Along with the major, we offer minors in Homeland Security, Digital Forensics, Legal Studies and Cybersecurity. Our faculty is second to none in their professional backgrounds, commitment to teaching, commitment to students and commitment to the profession. Regardless of the direction a student might want to go, we have the faculty and the expertise to lead the way.

Criminal Justice at Troy University, the answer to your calling.

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