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The College of Arts and Sciences is, from both historical and functional points of view, the core of the modern university. The College of Arts and Sciences views creativity, inquiry and understanding as among the greatest values in human experience.

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Of students entered professional school programs, graduate programs and summer undergraduate internships


Scholarships for study abroad opportunities in Costa Rica, London, Spain and Israel


Grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology to establish the Center for Materials and Manufacturing Sciences, focusing on research in the areas of polymers and polymer recycling.

Mission & Vision

The College of Arts & Sciences at Troy University is a broad community of scholars, teachers, and students, who work together to pursue knowledge, develop critical and logical thinking skills, foster intellectual inquiry, and promote an understanding of human society that is necessary to become an active and engaged citizen of the world. At the undergraduate level, students obtain a well-rounded education that is comprehensive in both scope and content. At the graduate level, students master a specialized body of knowledge and engage in original research under the supervision and direction of outstanding faculty members.



Quality Education

Whether your interests are in solving crimes, keeping up with computer technology, protecting the environment or somewhere in between, Troy University’s College of Arts and Sciences has just the place for you. As one of the most dynamic colleges in the University, Arts and Sciences provides a modern, quality education that will prepare you to excel in your chosen field.

The dedicated faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences are accomplished, award-winning professionals in their areas of study. Most of all, these hard-working professors care about their students and are vested personally in their successes. In this family-like environment, you will find the encouragement and support needed to make the transition into college life almost seamless.

At both graduate and undergraduate levels, TROY’s College of Arts and Sciences offers many high-demand programs of study that will prepare you for a successful launch into the career world. In this college, students may study aspects of mainframe and microcomputer systems in the computer science program.

A new minor offering in cyber security can be paired with majors in computer science, criminal justice or mathematics to do forensic computer analysis and cyber crime. They may lay the foundation for a career in biotechnology, food safety or the health professions as students of biology.

They may take their education to the next level with a Master of Public Administration or Master of International Relations.

So from social sciences to criminal justice, the College of Arts and Sciences may be your perfect match. As the cornerstone of the modern university, the College ensures an education from one of our degree programs will lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

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