3D Printing for Art & Industry

3D Printing for Art & Industry

Next Program Sequence Begins: FA'22



3D Printing for Art and Industry 

Learn 3D Design and Manufacturing Skills with Applied Learning Experience in the 3D Printing Lab


3D Printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing, is constructively disrupting manufacturing sectors bringing digital design and fabrication technologies to an array of industries.

This program offers students the opportunity to learn the skills required to design and be productive with 3D printing.  The courses begin with the fundamentals then continue with a range of applied learning projects, practical design and printing experience, and general industry knowledge.

Students successfully completing the courses will develop a portfolio and be prepared to gain certification in Autodesk Fusion 360 - one of the leading design platforms for design and production in additive manufacturing. 

The first two classes are approved General Studies Electives, and students can continue through the entire series of courses by declaring the Minor in 3D Printing for Art and Industry. 



Start here:  Fundamentals of 3D Modeling and Printing - IA 2220 (3)

Offered: FA'22 and SP'23

Enroll in this course first to begin the minor, also available as General Studies Area II Elective 

Course Description: This course introduces students to the fundamental skills required to begin designing and printing using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. Digital design terminology and techniques combined with an understanding of how 3D printers function will be delivered through a series of fundamental projects.

Product Development and Assistive Design - IA 3330 (3)

Offered: SP'23 and FA'23

Course Description: Intermediate Product development will be taught and applied through practical and creative 3D printing projects. Students will learn intermediate solid modeling with an emphasis on assistive design.

Prerequisite: IA 2220-Fundamentals of 3D Modeling and Printing

Large Format 3D Printing and Sustainable Materials - IA 2230 (3)

Offered: FA'23 and SP'24

Available as General Studies Area II Elective 

Course Description: Utilizing sustainable materials like recycled plastics, concrete, and clay, this class will explore eco-innovative approaches to large format design and manufacturing including introduction to 3D scanning, scaling, and intermediate mesh modeling. Students may choose an Arts focus, an Industry focus, or a blend of the two. 

Prerequisite: IA 2220-Fundamentals of 3D Modeling and Printing

Constructive Disruption: Design Process and Workflow - IA 3320 (3)

Offered: SP'24 and FA'25

Course Description: Students will learn to offer constructive disruptions applying innovative concept, design, and manufacturing workflows and communication. Course will address the entrepreneurial mindset, problem-solving process, portfolio building, and preparation for internship.

Prerequisite: IA 2220-Fundamentals of 3D Modeling and Printing



Students pursuing the minor are required to complete six (6) hours of electives from the list below (total of 18 to complete the minor), or present other related courses to be approved by 3DP advisor and Department Chair.

Recommended electives:

ANT 3313 - Laboratory Techniques in Archaeology
ART 4435 - Collaborative Studio
ART 3342 - The Business of Art and Design
BUS 1101 - Introduction to Business
EET 2210 - Electronic Devices
EET 3315 - Digital Circuits and Systems
EET 4420 - Fundamentals of Microcontrollers
ENT 2200 - Innovation and Creative Thinking
ENT 2210 - Innovation by Design
IA-4498 - 3D Printing Internship
IA 2235 - Creative Collaborations, Teams, and Partnerships
IA 3335 - Integrated Arts Concept and Design
IA 3340 - Integrated Arts Production
IA 4498 - 3D Design and Production Internship (repeated for 3 additional hours)
IDS 1101 - Global Challenges
IDS 2200 - Crossroads: Sophomore Interdisciplinary Seminar in Creative Thinking
LDR 2210 - Leadership and Interpersonal Skills
MKT 3364 - Product and Service Innovation

For more information or questions contact:

Frank Marquette - Professor of Practice
3D Printing for Art and Industry



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