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Programs in the TROY Department of Art and Design provide students with personalized education, that engage in problem-solving and inspire creative thinking. Students in Art and Design learn ways to develop and adapt their skills by merging traditional methods with current trends and technologies. Innovation and collaboration are key components in the  preparation of artists, designers and educators of tomorrow.


 If you have the same sense of anticipation for the future of visual arts and communication as we do, you may be excited to discover our fresh approach to an arts/design education at TROY. At TROY, we are realizing the future. At TROY, your future can be realized.



The Department of Art and Design prepare tomorrow’s creative leaders. New methodologies and technologies merge with historical traditions to produce a multi-faceted contemporary artist and designer. The curriculum is based in current technology and students are introduced to a variety of techniques and media. The program gives students the opportunity to pursue traditional and digital art forms, graphic design, and education fields. Troy University’s studio art and design instructors are practicing professionals whose objective is to instruct and mentor students. Graduates leave the program with a complete creative, practical, and theoretical skill set that prepares them for the growing demands of an information and digital era.


Programs of Study in Art and Design

A wide range of programs are available for the artist/designer of the future. In an age when critical thinking and creative problem solving skills are needed more than ever before, the Department of Art and Design is committed to developing relevant academic programs and initiatives. These programs are designed to better prepare students for a career as well as meet the increasing visual demands of a multisensory and multicultural world.


Please make an appointment with one of our academic advisors or peruse the detailed Programs of Study to help guide you towards the instructional path of your choice.



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