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Kirk Curnutt
Ph.D. (Louisiana State University)
Professor and Chair of English
Nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature and culture, creative writing.  Winner, 2017 Eugene Current-Garcia Award for Distinguished Scholarship.  Recent publications, American Literature in Transition, 1970-1980 (Cambridge, 2018), William Faulkner (Reaktion Books, 2018), Reading Hemingway’s To Have and Have Not: Glossary and Commentary (Kent State, 2016), Raising Aphrodite (River City, 2015), Brian Wilson (Icons of Pop Music) (Equinox, 2012), Key West Hemingway (co-editor, with Gail D. Sinclair) (Florida, 2009), The Cambridge Introduction to F. Scott Fitzgerald (Cambridge, 2007), Coffee with Hemingway (with a preface by John Updike, Duncan Baird, 2007; republished as An Interview with Ernest Hemingway as part of Cavendish Square Publishing’s Meet the Masters series, 2014), Dixie Noir (Five Star Mysteries, 2009), Breathing Out the Ghost: A Novel (River City, 2008).  Essays in Popular Modernism and Its Legacies, Hemingway in Venice, American Detective Novels, Good Vibrations: Essays on Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, The Hemingway Review, and other journals/collections.  Member, Ernest Hemingway Society (board member), F. Scott Fitzgerald Society (vice-president), Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum (board member).
Troy Campus Office:  Smith Hall, Room 270  |  Tel. 334-670-3308
E-mail:  kcurnutt@troy.edu  |  Web site:  www.kirkcurnutt.com

Patrick Bonds
Ph.D. (Louisiana State University)
Lecturer in English
American Literature, Irish Literature, Modernism, Literary Western.  Publications in Teaching Hemingway’s Short Stories (2019), The Hemingway Review, and The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture (North Carolina, 2008).  Recent Presentations at the American Literature Association Fall Symposium.  Current research, The Town Best Organized, Being an Atlas and Other Observations of Ernest Hemingway's Paris Education.
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 174 | Tel. 334-808-6696 | E-mail: pbonds@troy.edu

Aimee Burr
M.S. Adult Education, Troy University
Lecturer in English, Director of the Writing Center (Dothan Campus)
Rhetoric and Composition, American Literature, non-traditional Contemporary American Literature., Public Pedagogy in Composition, Gender and Sexual Identities in Literature, Popular Culture, Visual Media as Literature.
Dothan Campus Office: Adams Hall, room 400H | Tel. 334-983-6556, ext. 21-398 | E-mail: aburr@troy.edu

James G. Davis
M.F.A. (University of Alabama)
Assistant Professor of English
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 248  |  Tel. 334-670-3287  |  E-mail: jdavis@troy.edu

Patricia Harris
M.A. (Oakland University)
Learning Center Director
Rhetoric and Composition; Subject Formation in Virtual Environments, Victorian Novel, American Romanticism.   Contributor in Poetry, Bread Loaf Writer's Conference (1999 and 2000).  Recipient, Poets & Writers Detroit Poets Grant, 2008-2010. Curator, Remaking Moby-Dick, EU Artline, Karlskrona, Sweden, 2013.  Eclipse, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, 2002.  Participant, University of Florida Design Thinking in Writing Centers Study.  Member, ACTP, CCME, NCLCA, NCTM, Melville Society, NCTE. Current research, Learning Center Belonging and Academic Identity Construction; Minecraft for Mathematics (builder and researcher).
Troy Campus Office:  Eldridge Hall, Room 126 | Tel. 334-808-6183 | E-mail: pharris151287@troy.edu IG: @troyulearningcenter

Ashley Eakes-Henderson
M.S. (Troy University), English Lecturer.
Director of Developmental English.  Composition, World Literature, Developmental English. 
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 186 | Tel. 334-670-3349 | E-mail: aeakes@troy.edu

Leigh Wise Johnson
M.S. (Troy University)
Lecturer in English
Developmental English, Composition, Fiction and Film.
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 184  |  Tel. 334-808-6734  |  E-mail: ljohnson25937@troy.edu

Theresa M. Johnson
Ph.D. (North Central University); M.Ed. (Troy State University)
Assistant Professor of English
Director of English Language Arts; Teaching English to Students of Other Languages
Troy University 2019 Faculty Senate Excellence Award, 2013. Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, 2018. Advancement of Alabama Literacy Award. Officer, Troy University Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi. Sponsor, Pi Lambda Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta. Charter Member, Mortar Board and Alpha Lambda Delta. Member, Association of College English Teachers of Alabama, National Council of Teachers of English, Troy Council of Teachers of English, and TESOL International. The Importance of Explicit Instruction of Writing Narrative Essays. Theory & Practice in Composition, Methods and Approaches in Language Teaching, Practicum and Assessments, Teaching Language Skills, Classical & Medieval Studies.
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 272 | Tel. 334-670-3306 | E-mail: tmjohnson@troy.edu

Ekaterina V. Kobeleva
Ph.D. (Nizhniy Novgorod State Pedagogical University)
Lecturer in English
World literature, composition, advanced grammar. Co-editor, The Sea in the Literary Imagination: Global Perspectives (Cambridge Scholars, 2019). Member, Nineeteenth-Century Studies Association. Current research, Travel Letters from England, Germany, and France by Nikolai Gretsch.
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 253 | Tel. 334-670-3311 | E-mail: ekobeleva@troy.edu

Samantha Loff Krietemeyer
M.S. (Troy University)
Adjunct Instructor of English
First-Year Composition, World Literature, American Literature, English as a Second Language, English Language Arts.  Member, Philanthropic Educational Organization.
Dothan Campus | E-mail: sloff@troy.edu

Jonathan P. Lewis
Ph.D. (University of California-Riverside)
Associate Professor
Twentieth- and twenty-first-century American, Irish, and British literatures, with a particular interest in the intersections of race, power, and technologies in post-World War II narratives. Tomorrow Through the Past: Neal Stephenson and the Project of Global Modernization (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2006). Essays published in Extrapolation, Pacific Coast Philology, Quarterly Horse, SFRA Review, Rougaroo, Notes on Contemporary Literature. Memberships: Science Fiction Research Association, Octavia E. Butler Society, NeMLA, Society for Utopian Studies.
Global Campus; Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 260  |  Tel. 334-357-6820
E-mail: jlewis94822@troy.edu

Melissa L. Lewis
M.A.T. (University of West Alabama)
Adjunct Instructor of English
Secondary Education, Instructional Leadership, English Composition, World Literature, Literature for Adolescents.  Teacher, Secondary English and Reading (Rehobeth High School).  Vice-president, Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society.  Certified “Highly Qualified,” PRAXIS II.  Participant, Southern Regional Education Board—High Schools That Work, Advanced Placement Training (College Board Endorsement).  
Dothan Campus | E-mail:  mlewis89327@troy.edu

Savannah Mathews
M.L.A (Auburn University at Montgomery)
Adjunct Instructor of English
English Composition and Literature, Creative Writing.
Troy Campus  | E-mail: samathews@troy.edu

Priya Menon
Ph.D. (Georgia State University)
Associate Professor of English
Transnational Literature, Postcolonial Studies, Human Rights and Literature, Fulbright-Nehru Senior Fellow for Excellence in Research and Teaching (2018), Ingalls Award for Excellence in Classroom Teaching (2009). Selected Publications in Journal of South Asian Studies, Journal of Literary and Critical Writing, Journal of Postcolonial Cultures and Societies, Language, Literature and Cultural Studies, India Migration 2020 (Routledge,2020), Border and Bordering: Politics, Poetics, Precariousness (Ibidem, Columbia, 2020), Urban and Academic Collaboration in India (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019). Selected Presentations at MLA International Symposium, SAMLA, South and Central Asia Fulbright, Grand Challenges University College London, Centre for Development Studies, South Asian Language Association, and British Commonwealth & Postcolonial Studies. Funded External Grants from US Department of Educational and Cultural Affairs (Fulbright 2018), Alabama Humanities Foundation (Great Books Reading Initiative 2016), National Endowment for the Arts (Big Read 2015). Member, MLA, SAMLA, SALA, Phi Kappa Phi. Current Research: Literature of Diaspora from the Gulf States.
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 251  |  Tel. 334-670-3518  |  E-mail: pmenon@troy.edu

Festus Fru Ndeh
Ph.D. (University of Duisburg Essen, Germany)
Associate Professor of English
Postcolonial Literature, Black Diasporic Literature, Africana Studies, Trans-Atlantic/Transnational Literature, (Multi)Cultural Studies, War Human Rights and Literature, Health Humanities. Deutsche Akademische Austauschdiesnt (DAAD) Fellow (2001-2005), Humboldt Fellow (2013-2016). Co-Editor, Outward Evil, Inward Battle: Human Memory and Literature. Other book publications and selected essays in journals. Selected presentations at national and international conferences Member, Modern Language Association (MLA), Africana Studies Association (ASA), African Literature Association, College English Association (CEA), English Language Association (ELA), International Society for Oral Literature in Africa (ISOLA), European Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (EACLALS). Current research, Colonial and Postcolonial Travelogues, Africa as Seen by the African Diaspora, The Black Body in Literature, Movies and Music
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 249  |  Tel. 334-670-3307  |  E-mail: fndeh@troy.edu

Richard Scott Nokes
Ph.D. (Wayne State University)
Associate Professor of English
Medieval Literature, World Literature, Film/Popular Culture. Founder, Witan Publishing. Selected publications edited: The Student's Guide to Digital Publishing (2020), Aelfric of Eynsham's Letter to Sigeweard (2017), Formal Combats in the Fourteenth Century (2013), Beowulf: A Verse Translation for Students (2013), Insular Art Forms: Their Essence and Construction (2012). Selected books, articles and poems: "The Baron of Barons in the 'Battle of Brunanburh,'" Medieval Warfare (2020), "The Rationality of Medieval Leechbooks," Health: A History. Oxford Philosophical Concepts (2019), "Medieval Science Fiction," Journal of English and Germanic Philology (2018), "The Bluegrass Bards of Alabama," Whatever Remembers Us: An Anthology of Alabama Poetry.  Selected Awards: "Best Professor," Troy Messenger (2017, 2018), PEAA Award, Best Electronic Article on a Medieval Topic (2008). White House Fellow Regional Finalist (2007). Fulbright Scholar, Guatemala (2003).
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 246  |  Tel. 334-670-3303  |  E-mail: rsnokes@troy.edu

Anna Orlofsky
B. A. (Troy University)
Adjunct Instructor of English
Fundamentals of Grammar and Sentence Writing, Preparatory English.
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 274A | E-mail: aorlofsky@troy.edu

Michael Orlofsky
M.F.A. (University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop)
Director of Creative Writing Program, and Professor of English
Creative Writing, World Literature, Composition. 2019 Sun Belt Conference Faculty Member of the Year—Troy.  2018 Ingalls Award for Excellence in Classroom Teaching.  Vice-President, Troy-Pike Habitat for Humanity.  Distinguished Artist, Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (1998). Publications in Troy Messenger, Troy Life, Troy Today, Postmodern Approaches to the Short Story (Praeger, 2003), The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing (Writer's Digest Books, 2002), Alabama Bound: Contemporary Stories of a State (Livingston, 1995), Writer’s Guide to CreativityWD Guide to Novel WritingWriter’s DigestThe Basics of Writing and Selling FictionIowa Journal of Literary StudiesPrairie SchoonerAlabama Literary Review, and Pulpsmith. Past President, Association of College English Teachers of Alabama. Current project: Michelangelo in Rome (novel).
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 242  |  Tel. 334-670-3315  |  E-mail: morlof@troy.edu

James N. Ortego, II
Ph.D. (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
Associate Professor and Associate Chair of English
Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Composition, Textual Studies of Shakespeare and Chaucer, Cultural and Folklore Studies of Medieval Icelandic Literature.
Dothan Campus Office: Adams Hall, Room 401G | Tel. 334-983-6556, ext. 391 | E-mail: jortego@troy.edu

Paige Paquette
Ph.D. (Auburn University)
Associate Professor of Teacher Education, English Language Arts.  Coordinator, TROY at Work.
First-Year Composition, World Literature, Professional Writing, Advanced Grammar, English Language Arts, Education. President, Troy University Faculty Senate (2018-2019).  Selected publications in International Journal of Teacher Education and Professional Development, Adult Learning, Reflections: A Journal of Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing, and Service Learning, The Journal of Educators Online, Emerging Web 3.0/Semantic Web Applications in Higher Education Growing Personalization and Wider Interconnections in Learning (Information Age Publishing, 2015), and Kairos. Selected presentations at National Council for Teachers of English, Brenau University Lunch and Learn, American Association for Adult and Continuing Education, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education. Multiple grants from Dollar General Literacy Foundation and Alabama Humanities Foundation.  Member, National Council for the Teachers of English.  Current research, Literature and the Community, Retention, Higher Education.
Phenix City Office: Riverfront Campus, Suite 418E | Tel. 334-448-5230 | E-mail:  ppaquette@troy.edu

Nicholas Pincumbe
M.F.A. (University of Alabama)
Lecturer in English
English composition and literature.  Published short story and poetry writer.
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 182  | Tel. 334-670-3310 | E-mail: npincumbe@troy.edu

Ben P. Robertson
Ph.D. (University of Tulsa)
Professor of English
British Romantic Literature, Trans-Atlantic/Transnational Literature, Cultural Studies, Women's Literature. Folger Fellow (2006, 2005). Co-Editor, The Sea in the Literary Imagination: Global Perspectives (Cambridge Scholars, 2019).  Editor, Romantic Sustainability: Endurance and the Natural World, 1780-1830 (Lexington 2016).  Additional book publications and articles in journals and book collections.  Member, Modern Language Association, North American Society for the Study of Romanticism, Keats-Shelley Association, Byron Society of America, British Association for Romantic Studies, South Atlantic Modern Language Association. Current research, Travel Letters from England, France, and Germany.
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 258  |  Tel. 334-670-3672  |  E-mail: bprobertson@troy.edu
Web Site: http://spectrum.troy.edu/robertson

Cassie Rockette-Rogers
M.S. (Troy University)
Adjunct Instructor in English
English Composition, World Literature, English as a Second Language, English Language Arts, Tutoring. Advisor, Rhoers Club. Team Leader, GearUp. Coach, Speech and Debate Team. Volunteer, Teenage Pregnancy Program. Presentations at Alabama Book Festival—The Big Read, Study of Multi-Ethnic Literature, F. Scott Fitzgerald Conference. Member, Sigma Gamma Rho.
Montgomery Campus | E-mail:  crockette@troy.edu

B. N. Rogers
M.F.A. (Savannah College of Art and Design)
Lecturer in English
First-Year Composition, Drama, Professional Writing, Photography.
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 178 | Tel. 334-670-3301 | E-mail: brogers150756@troy.edu

Kristin Ross
Ph.D. (Louisiana State University)
Associate Professor of English
Nineteenth-Century British literature, American literature, feminist theory, and gender studies.
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 252  | Tel. 334-670-3313 | E-mail: rossk@troy.edu

Audra Shumpert-Ebarb 
M. S. (Troy University)
Lecturer in English
Composition, World Literature, Technical Writing.  Member, Composition Committee 2020 .  Current research, College English, particularly first-year student success. 
Troy Campus Office:  Smith Hall, Room 247 | Tel. 334=670-3971 | E-mail: ashumpertebarb@troy.edu

Tatyana Slobodchikoff
Ph.D. (University of Arizona)
Lecturer of English
Theoretical Linguistics, Linguistic Theory, Syntax/Morphology, Historical Linguistics, Slavic Languages, English Composition. The Evolution of the Slavic Dual: A Biolinguistic Perspective (Lexington, 2019).  Additional publications in peer-reviewed journals.  Presentations at many prestigious theoretical- and Slavic-linguistics conferences in the United States and internationally.
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 256  |  Tel. 334-670-3535  |  E-mail: tslobodchikoff@troy.edu

Katelyn Smith
B. A. (Troy University)
Adjunct Instructor of English
Fundamentals of Grammar and Sentence Writing, Preparatory English.  Participant, Southern Studies Conference.
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 274A | E-mail: ksmith149857@troy.edu

Pamela Tharp Thompson
M.F.A. (Savannah College of Art and Design)
Adjunct Instructor, Tutor for the Center for Student Success
English Composition.  Searching for Daddy A Memoir (2019).
Montgomery Campus Office: Whitley Hall – Center for Student Success | Tel. 334-590-6593 | Toll-Free: 888-357-8843, ext. 9777 | Fax 334-832-7297 | E-mail:  ptharp@troy.edu | www.amazon.com/author/pamelatharpthompson

Shannon Thompson
M.A. (University of Virginia), M.S. (Troy University)
Lecturer in English
First-year composition, world literature, literature for adolescents, English-language arts.  Co-Editor, The Sea in the Literary Imagination:  Global Perspectives (Cambridge Scholars, 2019).  Co-Organizer, Literature at Sea Conference.  Member, Secondary Education Committee, National Council of Teachers of Education.
Troy Campus Office:  Smith Hall, Room 188  |  Tel. 334-670-3677  |  E-mail:  sthompson29236@troy.edu

William Thompson
Ph.D. (University of Virginia)
Associate Professor of English
Modern and Contemporary Poetry, Creative Writing, World Literature, Composition. General Editor, Alabama Literary Review.  Co-Editor, Conflict in Southern Writing (ATSP, 2006). Editor, Fashioned Pleasures: 23 Poets Play Bouts-Rimés with Shakespeare's Rhymes (Parallel Press, 2005). Publications in Able Muse, Chronicle of Higher Education, Saint Katherine Review, Succinct: The Broadstone Anthology of Short Poems, The Literary Encyclopedia, Weekly Hubris, Alabama Literary ReviewAntioch ReviewAtlanta ReviewBlinkChautauqua Literary ReviewCumberland Poetry ReviewDrastic MeasuresThe Gift of ExperienceIron Horse Literary ReviewMeridianMichigan Quarterly ReviewSequoiaSouthern Poetry ReviewSt. John's Review, and Western Humanities Review. Presentations at the West Chester Poetry Conference (West Chester University) and American Poetry in the 1950's Conference (University of Maine). Member, Modern Language Association, The Academy of American Poets, and the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics.
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 254  |  Tel. 334-670-3848  |  E-mail: wthompson25316@troy.edu

Katona Weddle
M.A. (Central Missouri State University)
Instructor of English
Co-Editor, The Sea in the Literary Imagination: Global Perspectives (Cambridge Scholars, 2019). Essays in Publications of the Missouri Philological Association and Chair Academy Journal. Co-Organizer, Literature at Sea Conference I and II.  Member, South Atlantic Modern Language Association.
Troy Campus Office: Smith Hall, Room 250  |  Tel. 334-670-5670  |  E-mail: kdweddle@troy.edu