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Teacher Education Program

The Certification and Field Experiences Office (CAFÉ) is responsible for ensuring that all Teacher Candidates at Troy University have met the requirements needed for Certification after degree completion.  The CAFÉ Office admits teacher candidates into the undergraduate Teacher Education Program and all Graduate Teacher Education Programs (GTEP), including the Alternative Class A initial certification program.  Field Experiences and internships for undergraduate and Alternative Class A teacher candidates are coordinated through the CAFÉ Office.  Teacher candidates who satisfy program requirements-including internship- and all requirements mandated by the Alabama State Department of Education, will be recommended for certification.

Documentation to be admitted into TEP will need to be uploaded into LiveText. The documents that should be uploaded are on your dashboard.

  • TEP Admissions Requirements


When the TEP student receives the Fingerprint Clearance/Background Check/Suitability letter from the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE), the letter should be scanned and attached to the proper section of LiveText on the student's dashboard. Also, a hard copy should be submitted to the TEP Admissions & Internship Coordinator.

Failure to comply will result in denial of Request for Field Experience Placement. The Fingerprinting and Background Check should be completed within the first week of taking any education courses.

  • Fingerprint Background Clearance Procedures

Liability Insurance

The student should receive a welcome letter from the institution they have purchased their liability insurance with. A copy of this letter should be scanned and attached to the proper section of LiveText on your dashboard. A hard copy should also be submitted to the campus coordinator of Teacher Education.

Please note: The student must have a minimum of one million dollars ($1,000,000) of liability insurance. Listed below are two possible locations for obtaining insurance, however the student may use any insurance company.

  • Insurance Information (NEA)
  • Insurance Information (AAE)

NEW TEP Admission Requirements

CORE Academic Skills Education Test is required for TEP Admission(if all parts of the AECTP have not already been passed).

A minimum score on the ACT of a 23 (If a student scores below a 23, they must take the Praxis CORE)
*This test can be taken at the Troy University Testing Center
Testing Information
Teacher Education Application


The links below will provide the newly modified program checksheets. Continue to follow the old program if you decide not to change to the new programs.

  • Undergraduate Checksheets
  • Traditional Graduate Checksheets
  • Ed.S. Checksheets
  • Alt-A Checksheets
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