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Dr. Pamela Lemoine


Rodney Davis

Dr. Lemoine served as a middle and elementary principal, Supervisor of Elementary and Middle Education, Director of Federal Programs, and a consultant before entering higher education. During her time in the P12 level, she managed and led a team of 80 educational leaders, 12,000 students, and supervised 33 elementary and middle schools. A highlight of her work in P12 education was the submission and award of a U. S. Department of Education School Leadership Grant for $3.2 million; the focus of the grant was to recruit and train qualified school leadership candidates. Grant monies provided leadership and mentorship to participants in Master’s level programs and Doctoral level programs.

Having lived in multiple states and attended 19 schools before high school graduation, Dr. Lemoine extended her interests in travel to learning about other countries. She lived and worked in several countries over a 13 year period: Japan, Germany, and Canada. In Japan, she successfully directed and led a program to liaison and work with Japanese customs officials focusing on the acquisition of English. Her efforts were key to establish an adult education program while she was working in Japan.


Publications & Presentations

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Research Interests

Current research interests are:

  • Globalization,
  • Global educational leadership,
  • Global higher education, 
  • Immigrant and refugee children,
  • The impact of digital technology, and
  • E-learning 
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