Student Research and Creative Works Showcase

College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate First Place: Tyler Schrock
Undergraduate Second Place: Megan Gibson
Graduate First Place: Jacob Lean

College of Communications and Fine Arts

Undergraduate Second Place: Jannette Salmon
Graduate First Place: Jannette Salmon
Graduate First Place: Meagan King

College of Health and Human Services

Undergraduate First Place: Christian Brown
Graduate First Place: Santiago Pinzon

College of Education

Undergraduate First Place: Scherika Burt-Shelton
Undergraduate Second Place: Carleigh Donaldson
Undergraduate Third Place: Sheridian Chambers

Sorrell College of Business

Undergraduate First Place: Bethany Davis and Allison Reynolds
Undergraduate Second Place: Ana-Shea Fann
Graduate First Place: Amanda Payne, Conni Moseley, Jennifer Mayfield and Kellson Jeffery
Graduate Second Place: Chris McDonald
Graduate Third Place: Hoang Nguyen