Other Admission Requirements

Other Admission Requirements

Transient Admission

Students from other accredited institutions who wish to take a course(s) from Troy University must:

  1. Complete a standard ''Application for Admission,'' proof of baccalaureate degree (no official transcripts required), and pay the application fee.
  2. Present a transient authorization form from the parent school to the Admissions office of the campus location where the course will be delivered. The authorization must identify the course(s) to be taken and the term in which it will be taken, or indicate that the course is to be taken at the student's discretion. The form must be signed by a designated official of the University or campus (i.e., Registrar, Director, etc.).
  3. In all cases, such a student must meet all prerequisites and provide the documentation prior to being admitted to a particular course.

Application status for the semester is determined by the information supplied on the application for admission. Admission status may not be changed following the last day to add/drop for the semester.

Transfer Admission

Admission requirements for a transfer student are the same as regular admission standards. Transfer of Students on Suspension from Another Institution:

  1. Temporary, Indefinite, or Permanent Academic Suspension: A student who has been suspended from another college or university is not eligible to apply for admission to Troy University. Appeals may be made to the Dean of the Graduate School.
  2. Disciplinary Suspension: Students on disciplinary suspension from another institution must be eligible to return to that institution before being considered for admission to Troy University. Note: Requests for waivers must be submitted in writing to the Dean of the Graduate School.

Unaccredited or Otherwise Accredited Baccalaureate or Master’s Degree Holders - Student Admission Requirements

Students must submit an official transcript(s) with degree(s) posted at least one semester/term prior to the desired date of registration. The appropriate academic college and the Graduate Council will evaluate all submitted transcripts using commonly accepted practices and guidelines. The applicant will be required to submit a copy of the college’s catalog and other information as needed. Only upon the approval of the Graduate Council may a student begin taking graduate courses at Troy University. Should the student be inadvertently (without the University’s knowing that the baccalaureate degree or masters degree is from an unaccredited or otherwise accredited institution) admitted into classes prior to baccalaureate degree or master’s degree approval and the evaluation indicates that the student is not eligible for admission, the student will be withdrawn from the class or classes, or receive non-degree credit for the class or classes for which he/she is improperly registered. Note: Students seeking advanced degrees in teacher education or nursing programs must hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

Post Master’s Admission

Students admitted in this category must hold the master's degree from a regionally accredited institution. Graduate credit taken while enrolled as a post master’s degree student is not admissible as degree credit unless it is approved by the Program Director and is limited to a total of six semester hours. All official undergraduate and graduate transcripts are required for admission. Applicants to the DNP program are eligible only for Unconditional admission status.

Special Admission: Non-Degree Matriculant

A student interested in earning graduate credit, but who is not an applicant for a graduate degree at Troy University, may be admitted as a ''Special Student'' with the approval of the Dean of the Graduate School or his/her designee. Admission may be granted to qualified students holding a baccalaureate degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution or to students in good standing at another regionally accredited graduate school (copy of transcript must be provided). Should a student apply later and be accepted to a degree program, a limit of six semester hours will be considered for credit toward the degree. It is the responsibility of the student to observe the limitations imposed on credit hours, coursework, and transfer of credit. Special students may not be admitted at a later date on a temporary admission. Credits taken in Special Admission status by students who are found not to be in good standing at their previous institution will be voided with the posting of no grade "NG" by the Registrar. Doctoral students are not eligible for special admission status.

Certificate Program Admission Requirements

Students interested in completing a certificate program, offered through the Graduate School, must apply to be unconditionally admitted into the Graduate School through the standard admission process. All certificate courses are graduate courses. Consult the Unconditional Admission section of this catalog for admission requirements.

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