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Technical Details

Technical Details


 The seating area is divided into a balcony and a main floor. The balcony (an extended floor - not an overhang) seats 616 while the main floor seats 584 for a total capacity of 1200. Both the balcony and the main floor are accessed from the lobby via two sets of stairs from the lobby.

The distance from the orchestra pit wall to the first row of seats is 10'4" and the stage floor is 3'10" above the floor of the house. The distance from the apron to the balcony wall is 78'.

Load-In Information

The load-in door opens directly onto the stage via a 12'X12' roll-up steel door located in the upstage right corner. The loading dock is 16'2" square, 2' above ground level and is at stage level.

Stage Dimensions and Information

 The theatre stage is a resilient, flat floor constructed of 1/4" Masonite laid on a 3/4" plywood sub floor.

  • Proscenium Opening: Width - 32'6" Height - (MAX) - 26'8"
  • Distance from Apron to Plaster Line: 3'2"
  • Distance from Plaster Line to Upstage Wall: 35'2"
  • Distance from Grand Drape to Upstage Wall: 34'
  • Stage Width (wall to wall): 76'
  • Distance from Apron to Front Row Seats: 18'4"
  • Wing Space Stage Right: 16'
  • Wing Space Stage Left: 16'
  • Grid Height: 60'

There is an orchestra pit which extends 8' into the house from the stage apron. The pit is kept covered and requires ten (10) days prior notice and an additional fee to uncover it for an event.

The stage is accessible from the main floor to the house by means of steps on either side of the orchestra pit. Access to the main stage floor is only possible from the apron if the grand drape is open. Access to the backstage area and dressing rooms is available from the main house floor through an entrance House right. There is also a door downstage left, which allows stage access from the downstairs dressing rooms, the stage entrance, and the house.

Wing space on stage right is limited by the locking platform and pin rail. The stage right wing space is full stage height for 12' from the onstage edge of the legs. An additional 8' of wing space is available beneath the locking platform with a maximum vertical clearance of 8'1".

Wing space stage left is limited by the onstage dressing room located downstage left. The onstage wall of the dressing room is 11'7" from the proscenium opening and extends 6'6" upstage from the downstage wall.

A 4' wide crossover may be made upstage by bringing in the cyclorama or the upstage traveler and crossing upstage of it.

Fly and Stage Rigging

 The fly system is a single purchase counterweight system with 27 line sets. The locking platform is located stage right. Each arbor has a maximum capacity of 1100 pounds. The pipes are of steel composition 1 1/2" in diameter and 48' in length. There are 18 free line sets. A pin rail is located on the onstage side of the locking platform at a height of 13'3" above the stage floor. Please refer to the attached Line Set Schedule for the location and normal assignment of individual line sets.


 The Grand Drape is a 27 ounce gold curtain of the Austrian type and is new. The curtain flies and is operated by an electric winch. Curtain operation may be controlled from either the Stage Manager's position downstage left or from the lighting console in the Front of House control booth. The Grand Drape has an opening/closing time of 27 seconds.

All stage draperies, with the exception of the cyclorama, are made of 18 ounce velour. All legs, borders, valance, and travelers are black in color.

There are five sets of black legs available in the space. Two of the five hang as legs on line sets 9 and 25. These two sets form a thirty five foot opening with the onstage edge of each leg hanging 17'6" from center stage. The third set of legs normally hangs on line set 17 as the Mid-stage Traveler. This is a 24' H x 38' W curtain, in two pieces, which may be used to reduce the depth of the stage.

Three black borders mask the stage and are normally hanging on line sets 7, 15, and 23. The curtains measure 8' H x 48' W with ¾ sewn fullness. In addition, there is a valance on the first line set with the same dimensions and color as the borders.

Directly upstage of the Grand Drape and valance there is a House Curtain which normally hangs on line set two. The traveler is composed of two black curtains each of which measures 24' H x 27' W. The traveler is operated from downstage right. Similarly, a black traveler hangs just downstage of the cyclorama on line set 31 having the same dimensions as the house curtain. The upstage traveler is also operated from the stage right position.

There is one white cyclorama hanging from line set 32. The cyc is a white filled Leno cyclorama curtain and is 29' H x 48' W. When either the upstage traveler or the cyc is in, a crossover is created on its upstage side. The distance from the cyc to the upstage wall is 4'.


Dimming and Control

The dimmers are one series e manufactured by Colortran. There is a 288 space dimmer rack located on the downstage right wall, which contains 112 dimmer drawers with two dimmers each for a total of 224 solid state dimmers. Each dimmer has a capacity of 2400 watts. Dimmer drawers may be moved to different spaces within the rack so that each circuit in use will have a dimmer. Non-dim circuits are available only by soft patch and are therefore not suitable for intelligent lights.

The dimmers are controlled by an ETC Element lighting console.  The console is capable of controlling 1024 dimmers, with two DMX inputs. The board is located in the Front of House control booth.


The first three electrics have 32 circuits each with one pigtail per circuit and two circuits each with two pigtails per circuit. The fourth electric has 24 circuits with one pigtail per circuit. Six drop boxes are onstage with three located stage right and three located stage left. Each drop box has eight circuits. On stage left there are two wall boxes. One box is located on the upstage wall with six circuits, while the other is on the downstage wall with four circuits.

The Front of House lighting cove contains 48 circuits with one pigtail per circuit. All pigtails and plug boxes on stage and in the cove have 125v 20A twist-lock type connections. Please refer to the circuit chart for the locations and numbers of individual circuits.

Power Distribution

There is a 350 amp 120/208V 3 phase Y fused disconnect located down stage left for supply of auxiliary lighting equipment. There is a 150 amp 120/208V 3 phase Y disconnect downstage right for supply of auxiliary sound equipment.

Sound System

The sound mixing console is located house left in the first row of balcony seats. The mixing console is a Soundcraft GB8.

Our current Public Address system is brand new as of 2010. There are two, 7 speaker arrays hanging from the House Left and House Right ceiling from a permanent motor controlled system, and one SLS 218EL sub-woofer hanging behind the array on each side. There are four SLS 2403 front fill speakers that are hidden beneath the pit cover. The array speakers are SLS LS8800 and they are powered by QSE Powerlight 3 series amplifiers.

Communication System

Headset communications are available through the two-channel Clear Com system. Seven headsets are normally used on the system with a Stage Manager's position located downstage right and an Assistant Stage Manager's position located downstage left. Paging to the dressing rooms is not possible from the control booth or Stage Manager's position at this time.

Dressing Rooms

 There are five dressing rooms in the theatre. Four of the five are located downstairs, beneath the stage. There is a chorus dressing room with mirrors, make-up lights, and hanging bars, which measures 24' × 17', and an open dressing room with mirrors and tables, which also measures approx. 24' x 17'. Additionally, there are two "star" dressing rooms downstairs with a capacity of eight each. There are two bathrooms downstairs, each having a toilet, sink and shower. On stage, there is a dressing room located in the downstage left corner. This dressing room measures 6'6" × 10' and has a toilet, sink, and mirror. 

The theatre also has an iron, ironing board, and steamer, but no washer or dryer.

Other Equipment

 1 - Steinway & Sons D9 Grand Piano in excellent condition (a usage fee is required)

1 - 8' Fiberglass A-frame ladder in good condition (no charge)

1 - AWP-30 Genie Lift in good condition (no charge)

Questions regarding any equipment or space should be directed to the theatre's Technical Manager.

Location Line# Assignment Length Notes
0'0" GD Grand Drape - Austrian 27 seconds 48' 28H × 37W Gold Contour
0'9" 1 Valance 48'  
1'6" 2 House Curtain / Black Traveler 48' Not Moveable
2'8" 3 #1 Electric 48' 38 Circuits / Not Moveable
4'5" 4  Choir Mics 48'  
5'2" 5 Projection Screen 48'  
5'11" 6   48'  
6'8" 7   48'  
7'5" 8 Border #2 48'  
8'3" 9 Legs 48'  
8'11" 10   48'  
9'3" 11   48'  
10'11" 12 #2 Electric 48' 32 Circuits/Not Moveable
12'8" 13   48'  
13'5" 14   48'  
14'4" 15 Border #3 48'  
14'11" 16   48'  
15'8" 17 Mid-Stage Traveller / Not Moveable 48'  
16'5" 18   48'  
17'2" 19   48'  
18'5" 20 #3 Electric 48' 32 Circuits / Not Moveable
20'1" 21   48'  
20'10" 22   48'  
21'7" 23 Border #4 48'  
22'4" 24   48'  
23'1" 25 Legs 48'  
24'3" 26 #4 Electric (Cyclorama Lights) 48' 22 Circuits / Not Moveable
26'6" 27   48'  
27'2" 28 Projector 48' Moveable
27'9" 29   48'  
28'4" 30   48'  
28'11" 31 Black Traveler 48' Not Moveable
29'6" 32 White Cyclorama 48' 26'H × 48'W

Technical Information Downloads 

Please contact the Production Manager for available technical documentation for your production planning purposes and for additional information. You may also reach the Production Manager at 334-241-9583.


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