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Show Schedule

Show Schedule

 January Show: Unveiling the Invisible Universe

 Binary stars orbiting each other in the background of space

February Show: Distant Worlds - Alien Life?

 Astronauts gazing down on earth from the moon with space in the background

March Show: The Sun - Our Living Star

Picture of the sun with the show title at the top


April Show: Europe to the Stars

Picture of the European Southern Observatory and the show title above.



May Show: Black Holes

Picture of an event horizon in space with show title



June Show: The Hot and Energetic Universe

Hot gas cluster in space with show title



July Show: Phantom of the Universe

"Dark Matter" in sky above over the Large Hadron Collider



August Show: The Dark Matter Mystery

Picture of a galaxy in space



September Show: Sun Struck

Picture of the sun



October Show: Out There

Picture of the earth in space and show title



November Show: Saturn: Jewel of the Heavens

Picture of the planet Saturn with rings and show title



December Show: Holiday Shows:

           The Alien Who Stole Christmas

                   The Alien Who Stole Christmas movie trailer

           Season of Light

                   Season of Light movie trailer