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 About Trojan Outreach 

Mission Statement: Trojan Outreach is a peer-led education organization within Troy University's Student Services division. These students are committed to promoting and influencing a culture that is focused on health, wellness and safety by empowering and engaging the campus community to make healthy decisions.

Trojan Outreach is comprised of the Trojan Outreach Coordinator along with a group of Peer Educators. Both strive to engage with students by hosting events, delivering programming and presentations, and serving as role models of health and wellness.

Presentations and Activities

All outreach presentations are conducted by peer educators unless otherwise requested. All programs last approximately 45 minutes unless otherwise stated. To request a program, please complete the “Request a Program” form at least 2 weeks before your event/class.

If you are unsure about which program will work best for your group, please contact us via email or phone and one of our staff members will assist you in choosing the best program for your group.

Duration: 45 Minutes

            Wellness 101 strives to educate students on common stressors that may occur during their time in college. This presentation dives into stress management, while also covering negative and positive coping skills. Alongside of stress management, Wellness 101 depicts the realities of drinking and sexual assault. Wellness 101 is commonly used in orientation courses and for groups who need a broad range of issues covered.

Duration: 45 Minutes

            Trojan Outreach’s healthy relationship presentation covers the key constructs needed to have a healthy relationship with a significant other, roommate, or friend. This presentation discusses areas such as trust, respect, communication, healthy boundaries, and sex. Students will also engage in a game where they will determine if scenarios are healthy, unhealthy, or abusive.

Duration: 45 Minutes

This presentation delves into the realities of sexual assault and domestic violence on college campuses. This presentation provides a thorough explanation of sexual assault and domestic violence while also discussing the importance of consent. Presenters will also discuss what to do if you or a friend is sexually assaulted, what to do if you are concerned about a relationship, and provide other resources.

Duration: 45 Minutes

Trojan Outreach’s drug and alcohol presentation covers drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, Adderall, and heroin. For each of these drugs, we cover why people choose to abuse them and the short and long term effects they can have. We also educate students on resources available to the community.

Duration: 45 Minutes

Through our bystander intervention and campus safety presentation, students will learn about the importance of being an active bystander when they see a situation unfolding that could escalate into violence or danger. This presentation will also cover how to avoid dangerous situations and campus resources to stay safe.

Duration: 45 Minutes

            Adjustment to college is an ideal presentation for a student who is new to undergraduate life. This presentation focuses on the transitions one may face from high school to college. In this presentation, we discuss common adjustments, how to adjust in a healthy manner, and local resources to help!

Duration: 45 Minutes

Through our sexual health presentation, students will learn about the importance of making healthy sexual choices and gain insight into information including STIs, proper condom use, alternative intimacy, consent, and where to gain access to sexual health related services.

Duration: 20 Minutes

            These programs are utilized to engage students in an activity and Q&A when there is limited time or very small groups. These program are shorter and include very specific information on the topic being addressed. For example, if the topic is Healthy Relationships, the presenters will conduct an interactive activity on healthy, unhealthy, and abusive signs in a relationship and provide the students with resources to find more information or information on where to seek help on campus. Requesters can choose a topic from the presentations listed above, and our peer educators will provide the materials needed for the requested program.



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