CSS-Montgomery Campus

CSS-Montgomery Campus

The Montgomery Campus Center for Student Success (CSS) provides a central environment of support to help our students navigate their journey toward academic achievement.

Student testing, academic assessment, advisement, career services, accommodation, remediation, tutoring, and other follow-up services and programs are the primary services provided by the CSS. Our combined efforts are targeted to increase student retention, progression, and success from initial entry on the Montgomery Campus to graduation.


College Success — We Are Here To Help

With college comes many experiences, and the CSS is here to provide as many resources as possible to assist with your path to collegiate success. 

Click on one of the icons below to see what services and resources are available.

If you require anything additional or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

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Tutoring Services

The Montgomery Campus Center for Student Success offers free in-person/face-to-face and online tutoring services. 

In-Person Tutoring 

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Math, Science, & English/Writing Tutors

Math tutoring helps with MTH 0096, MTH 1100, MTH 1105, Calculus I & II courses!

Science tutoring provides help with biology, other biological sciences, general chemistry, earth sciences, and physical sciences!

English/Writing tutoring helps with all courses requiring writing assignments, including discussion posts, essays, and research writing!

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Online Tutoring & Test Prep Resources


NetTutor is a free, comprehensive, online, on-demand tutoring and writing service available for all Troy students through your Canvas online course module.

It provides live tutoring and paper submission in many subjects.

NetTutor tutors are available for live sessions, to answer submitted questions, and to review papers 24 hours a day, any day of the week. All questions and writing submissions to NetTutor will be returned with your tutor’s comments within 48 hours.

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Provides students access to expert tutors across a wide range of subjects, from beginner to advanced, and for developmental to undergraduate to graduate-levels.

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Kahn Academy

Free, online resource to supplemental in-class learning including tutorials on multiple subjects, multiple levels and standardized test prep.

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Free self-help for writing that provides grammar & spelling checks, online proofreading, and plagiarism detection with no downloads required.

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purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Provides free self-help for general writing, research and citation, teaching and tutoring, subject-specific writing, job search writing,  ESL, and resources for MLA & APA formatting.

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 CSS-Montgomery Staff  

Name Position Contact
Sherry Stearns-Boles Director sstearns-boles@troy.edu
(334) 241-9777
Tangerla Jones Academic Advisor tdjones@troy.edu
(334) 241-5444
Lynn White Academic Advisor lynnwhite@troy.edu
(334) 241-9513
Brittni Jones Academic Advisor

(334) 241-5485

Taylor Valenta Career Services Coordinator tvalenta@troy.edu
(334) 241-5463
Carolyn Goode Disability Services Coordinator cgoode@troy.edu
(334) 241-5486
Carli Briscoe Disability Services Assistant/ Reader cbriscoe@troy.edu
(334) 241-9587
Vacant Student Success & Retention Specialist (334) 241-5407
Vacant Student Success Support Specialist (334) 241-9531
Keith Winn Testing Clerk kwinn29362@troy.edu
(334) 241-9530
Nicole Miller Testing Clerk nmiller69924@troy.edu
(334) 241-9531