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Physical Plant

The TROY Physical Plant creates and offers services that contribute to a more pleasant way of life for students, faculty, staff, and visitors at Troy University wherever and whenever they come together.

Grounds Crew

The focus of Troy University Grounds Department is to maintain and improve the overall appearance of the campus grounds. Experienced personnel work to ensure that the campus, athletic fields, golf course, and facilities look their best.

Emergency Requests

When the health and welfare of individuals is endangered or when buildings, equipment or property could be damaged or destroyed (such as in fire or flood situations), emergency requests for custodial services are appropriate. For emergency custodial services from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, contact the Physical Plant Main Office, (334) 670-3342. At other times, contact Campus Security, which maintains a list of on-call personnel.


 The focus of Troy University is to maintain all buildings at their optimum operating design. The Physical Plant Maintenance Department works to meet this objective by providing routine maintenance in response to requests from facility users.

Planned maintenance services are also provided to help reduce the likelihood of major equipment failures. Occasionally, the maintenance staff is also able to provide resources to aid in small improvement projects on campus.

The maintenance department uses allocated resources to ensure the safety and comfort of students, faculty and staff and to improve the first impression of all visitors that enter any campus facility.

Custodial Services

The Custodial Department is committed to providing a clean and healthy environment that supports the mission of Troy University. Using state-of-the art methods and techniques, 24-hour cleaning crews routinely clean 1.8 million square feet of cleanable space.

Obtaining Service

Special requests, complaints, recommendations, or questions concerning custodial services may be directed to the Custodial Services Manager at (334) 670-3647.


The projects department exists to coordinate all modifications, additions and enhancements to existing facilities. With standard procedures and policies in place for project approval and administration, the project department provides financially sound and consistent levels of service for all projects.

There is a significant difference between project work and maintenance work. All project-level modifications, additions or enhancements, must be approved through the Physical Plant and appropriate administrators.

No project work may be performed at any building without Physical Plant approval.


The Physical Plant is responsible for the scheduling of Troy University fleet vehicles.