OSP Mission



Sponsored Programs (OSP) is responsible for facilitating the activities of faculty and staff in seeking external support for research and creative projects. OSP is responsible for assuring that all agency guidelines and University policies are followed. Sponsored Programs assists in identifying sources of external funding and assists faculty/administrators in all aspects of securing grants, contracts, cooperative agreements and other types of awards. OSP maintains funding source databases and can provide sponsor guidelines and application forms. OSP can provide advice on funding possibilities, conceptualization of projects, budget preparation, completing applications, proposal editing and review, as well as other aspects of the proposal development. In addition, OSP, in consultation with the principal investigator, can assist in negotiating the terms of funded awards.

In summary, Sponsored Programs serves as a facilitator to aid the principal investigator from project inception to closing of a funded grant or contract. OSP strives to serve as a communication link between the University community and outside sponsors - federal, state, and private sector foundations and corporations. The goals of OSP are to help faculty and administrators secure funding, to limit the burden of regulations to a minimum, and to ensure programmatic and fiscal accountability for all sponsored programs.