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Searching for Sponsors

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Searching for Sponsors


This section of the OSP web site is designed to assist faculty and staff in seeking external partners to provide funding for proposals to support the mission of the university.

Faculty and staff writers receive email funding alerts based on specific areas of interest. Request for individual meetings to discuss specific areas of interest can be scheduled by contacting OSP.

TROY faculty and staff are encouraged to search for funding opportunities through the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), Grant Resource Center (GRC) grantsearch database. Access to the database is restricted to TROY faculty and staff. Faculty and staff should contact OSP to obtain access to this database.

Additional online resources are available to faculty and staff writers to seek sponsor funding. Several of these resources are listed below:

Once a sponsor opportunity has been identified, faculty and staff must secure clearance for proposal development from Sponsored Programs. Sponsored Programs works closely with writers and administrators to coordinate sponsor requests to avoid conflicts where single or limited proposal submission is required.

Once approved for proposal development, writers should review resources and policies related to developing proposals for external partners at Writing Great Proposals.