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Supplies and Equipment

It is strongly suggested that writers review the  Troy University Purchasing website prior to the budgeting of supplies and equipment in a proposal. 

Supplies / Services and Other Costs

Payment for goods and services is done via Purchase Requisition or Check Request Form. Policies, procedures and forms are available here.

Interdepartmental Transfers

 Project managers can charge various goods and services provided by departments on campus, such as the bookstore, telephone, postage, and printing. These charges will be posted to the monthly summary reports.

Permanent Equipment

 Permanent equipment is defined as any item of a non-expendable nature costing $5,000 or more. For Sponsored Programs, equipment is further categorized as scientific or general-purpose equipment. Generally, before equipment can be purchased on a project, funding agency approval is required. All equipment purchases must be bid in accordance with State of Alabama law and university regulations. If the equipment must be purchased from a specific source, a justification for sole source purchasing must be attached to the request. Information on the bid process can be found in Troy University's Purchasing Policies and Procedures.

Inventory / Property Control

 Any item of permanent equipment costing $1,000 or more is marked with a permanent TROY identification number and becomes a part of the annual inventory of permanent equipment. (Asset Management Policy) Title to permanent equipment purchased with funds from a sponsored program varies by funding agency. To determine the title to any permanent equipment purchased on a specific sponsored program, consult the terms and conditions applicable to the grant or contract. If you have specific questions related to inventory/property control, contact Purchasing/Asset Management for more information.



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