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It is strongly suggested that writers review the travel guidelines and visit the travel center prior to budgeting travel for proposals.

The approved budget for a sponsored project will have a expenditure budget code (6115) labeled "Travel" if such expenditures were included in the proposal budget and approved by the sponsoring agency. The funds in this category are to be used to reimburse employees who must travel in connection with their sponsored projects.

All travel (either in-state or out-of-state) must be approved based on the Authority Levels for Approving Travel effective June 1, 2006. The authority levels are as follows:

Amount Required Authority Approval
$0 - $500 Associate Deans or Campus Directors
$501 - $1,500 Deans, University-wide Directors, Athletic Director, Associate Vice Chancellors or Vice Chancellors
$1,501 - $2,500 Executive Vice Chancellor or Senior Vice Chancellors (Multiple travelers to the same event for which the total travel expenses exceed $1,500 requires approval of Senior/Executive Vice Chancellors)
$2,500 + Chancellor

PI's or grant employees must complete an Application for Travel Approval form before a trip is taken with the exception of travel between Troy University campuses. This approval form is not necessary if the trip occurs between Troy University locations. Approving authorities (department heads) have the discretion to decide what level of expense is substantial. All trips must be approved by the traveler's supervisor. Travel on a sponsored project is reimbursed at approved university rates. 

After travel has been completed the traveler must complete an Expense Account form. This form is required when requesting a reimbursement for either in state or out state travel expenses. Attach the original approval document to the Expense Reimbursement Form once the trip is completed. The request for trip reimbursement will be returned to the employee's supervisor if the proper approval is not attached to the reimbursement request.