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Account Establishment

Account Establishment

After a fully executed contract or grant award notification has been received, the Principal Investigator (PI) completes a budget request form and forwards the budget request and a fully signed copy of the contract or grant award agreement to Sponsored Programs. Sponsored Programs (OSP) then contacts Sponsored Programs Accounting to obtain a restricted account number. Because Sponsored Programs Accounting and the Principal Investigator are responsible for all financial reporting, the OSP assembles a packet of materials that include the following:

  • A Memorandum outlining the University accounts for the grant or contract project
  • Copy of award documents (for the reference file in Sponsored Programs Accounting). These documents usually contain information that Sponsored Programs Accounting will need for billing and/or financial reporting.
  • Documentation of cost sharing.  Any cost sharing quantified in the proposal must be documented when the award is received. The personnel activity reporting procedures provide the documentation for contributed time and salaries. For other funds contributed from a Troy source or from external sources a matching account will be established and those funds will be moved into that account. For in-kind contributions from non-Troy sources, the contributor will be asked to provide written confirmation of the contribution and the value of the contribution.

Grant Notification Packet

The Office of Sponsored Programs completes the "Account Notification Packet". This packet outlines the restricted number, and match number (if applicable); and the budget breakdown and position numbers tied to the account.

The Account Notification Packet and email notifications are sent to the following: Project Director/Principal Investigator (PI), Dean/Chair, Sponsored Programs Accounting, and applicable Senior Vice Chancellor.

Accounting Reports

Account managers are provided Datatel access to project accounts. Managers should work with the designated accountant to secure access to these accounts.

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for maintaining accurate budget expenditures and budget revisions to insure the account is not overspent.


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