About the Anthropology Degree

The anthropology major is a part of the Troy University Social Science Department. The program offers a wide variety of courses in cultural anthropology and archaeology. Through the Troy Archaeological Research Center (TUARC), students have the opportunity to participate in field and laboratory research and are often offered opportunities for part-time employment while attending school.

The anthropology major offers students a broad background in the field of anthropology, which includes physical, linguistics, cultural and archaeology anthropology. Our instructors bring field experience from the Near East, Australia and the southeastern United States to the program. The program will prepare students to pursue careers in anthropology or to continue their education in anthropology at the graduate level.

Program Features

 Our archaeology labs include facilities for the analysis of artifacts, ecological remains and a facility for the analysis of faunal remains from North American and Near Eastern archaeological sites.

Our program features hands-on experience in both the field and laboratory. The student is exposed to field work throughout the southeastern and southwestern United States, as well as opportunities for work in the Near East. No other program in Alabama offers such a depth of field experience. Part-time job opportunities in the archaeological field and lab work are sometimes available for students in the archaeology curriculum.

Job Opportunities

 Troy University’s course and field work fully prepares the student for entrance into a graduate program in anthropology.  A number of TROY graduates are currently working toward their master’s as well as doctorate degrees. Students earning degrees in anthropology at TROY can look forward to a range of employment opportunities. Private archaeology companies, museums, federal, state and local governmental agencies, historical archives and public and private historical sites are among the choices. Persons with advanced degrees may go on to teach at the university level.

For more information, contact the College of Arts and Sciences at 800-414-5756.

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