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About the Biology Program at TROY

Do you excel in science-related classes? If you have an appreciation and fascination for the world around you and have dreams of one day working in a state-of-the-art lab, working as a doctor or veterinarian, or conducting your own research as an academic, TROY’s undergraduate degree in biology may be the perfect first step toward your dream career.

Troy University student working in lab

A top-notch education

TROY’s dedicated and knowledgeable faculty members within the College of Arts and Sciences can help you set the groundwork for future academic and professional endeavors. Within your classrooms and labs, you’ll be provided with opportunities to work hands-on within various areas of scientific study—you’ll even be given opportunities to conduct your own research!

A broad reach

The biology program found within TROY’s College of Arts and Sciences stands at the core of the University’s biological and environmental sciences department. This program is one of the University’s most popular science-related majors with more students enrolled than any of the department’s other concentrations, programs or majors. This program’s popularity is attributed to the versatility of the program and the wide array of departmental courses offered to students. Do you plan to attend medical school or do you plan to teach in a classroom of your own one day? This program offers a wide variety of academic options to choose from to help you meet the diverse academic requirements of many professional schools, graduate schools and employment in the public and private sectors should you decide to pursue graduate- and doctoral-level degrees.
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Biology Major Curriculum

While courses may vary from year to year, your coursework may include:
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For more information about program availability and delivery options call 1-800-414-5756

Minor differences

While similar to the bachelor's degree in general biology,  TROY's bachelor's in biology requires its students to pursue a minor. This particular distinction allows you to add value to your degree and allows you to study in a related or un-related field that could help enhance more career opportunities.

Math and Science Complex

Careers in Biology

Biology graduates can enter into careers in biology, biostatistics or genetics.

Faculty Profiles

Siegfried B. Harden

Siegfried B. Harden

Dr. Siegfried B. Harden is the Associate Professor and Divisional Chair of biology. His main research interests include biology education, interdisciplinary studies, and water quality. Dr. Harden teaches Principles of Biology, Microbiology, Seminar in Creative Thinking, Public Health, Cell Biology and more.

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