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About the Environmental Science Program

Are you an environmentally conscious person who wants to ensure our planet and its living creatures are protected for future generations? Due to increased threats such as global warming and consumption of resources, innovative and sustainable solutions are needed. With Troy University’s degree in environmental science you could be on the front lines of addressing and solving some of the environment’s most pressing issues.

Gain experience

Environmental Science is the field of study that examines questions addressing global warming and biodiversity that guides policy makers into decisions that ensure a sustainable future. The undergraduate environmental science program at Troy University provides students with an understanding of critical environmental issues and prepares them for careers in the environmental field. Troy University's environmental science program faculty find a balance between teaching and research. Program faculty bring real-world experience to the classroom through their research, advisory, and consultation activities. 

Excellence in education

Led by skilled and knowledgeable faculty members, your courses within TROY’s environmental science program will ready you for a career that helps address the concerns our world is facing. Your classes will immerse you in the field of science starting with cell structure and going all the way to the ever-complex human anatomy. As you progress within your program, you’ll learn about ecology, plant forms and functions, insects, birds and freshwater ecosystems.

Through your journey toward your degree, you will study how the Earth’s abiotic and biotic systems work with an emphasis on how human activity influences these systems and the methods of control for air, water, land and noise pollution. While you pursue your degree, you will have amazing opportunities to apply that knowledge in actual hands-on labs and experiments. 

Focus your interest

Within TROY’s environmental science program, you will have the opportunity to focus on five areas of knowledge and skill. The core of the program creates a firm foundation that can be enhanced by the focus of your choosing including: biology, marine biology, chemistry, geography and mathematics.

Prepared for success

Before graduating with your degree, you will complete a senior seminar course that will integrate the knowledge, skills and concepts you acquired within your departmental courses. This seminar class will help prepare you for the transition from college to career through a field-related project. 

Beyond the classroom

Earning a degree from Troy University in environmental science can open the door to a multitude of professions. From training dolphins for the military to working with habitat restoration, this degree covers a diverse field that will give you the opportunity for jobs in both the public and private sector.


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