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Economics - General

About the General Economics Program

Economic issues are everywhere. The study of economics explores the choices individuals make when faced with scarcity. The study of economics can be applied to any facet of life. Why are some countries rich and others poor? Why is Social Security short on funding? Why do men and women earn different incomes? Economics addresses these questions.

Many great internship opportunities exist within the field of economics. The Division of Economics and Finance works with several organizations such as the American Institute for Economic Research, the American Enterprise Institute, the Cato Institute, the Institute for Humane Studies, the Institute for Justice and the Tax Foundation to offer great internship opportunities to students pursuing degrees in economics.

The Division of Economics and Finance is also home to the Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy. The Johnson Center provides a dynamic and rigorous education program focused on the imperatives of free markets and individual liberty as well as relevant policy research on current and local issues. Students interested in the free enterprise system will enjoy the programs offered by the Johnson Center.

Students with a background in economics will find employment opportunities in both the private and public sectors. Entry level positions in the private sector include marketing research, management consulting, banking, investing and insurance. Government positions include economic forecasting, public policy/legislation analysis and economic impact studies.

Students may also choose to pursue a graduate education. An undergraduate degree in economics is an excellent foundation for graduate study in economics, business, law or public policy.


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