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Electronics Engineering Technology

Have you been known to take things apart to find out how they operate? Consider pursuing a career in the electronics industry by earning a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electronics Engineering Technology from Troy University. 


About the Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology

Prepare with the best

This unique program will introduce you to the theoretical foundations and modern laboratory experiments in the area of electronic circuits, devices and robotics & automation. However, unlike the curriculum presented to students taking the academic path of a traditional engineer, your curriculum will focus on the foundational aspects of the field in order to prepare you to enter into the electronics hardware industry.

Designed for your success

As a student pursuing your bachelor’s in electronics engineering technology, you’ll be taught by knowledgeable and experienced faculty members who are excited to impart their understanding and skills. At Troy you are given access to modern Laboratory equipment’s and a wide range of courses. Much of your coursework will put your training into action through engaging lab experiments. Every course the program offers has been designed to provide you with skills and knowledge needed to analyze, design, build and improve the electronic equipment’s and systems for the real-world application. 

Embrace new opportunities

You’ll develop professional skills and academic competencies within the area of applied electronic sciences, become better prepared for electronics manufacturing and industry-related professions and be encouraged to create and use essential academic and operational resources for activities and research. TROY strongly believes in preparing students for success and promoting the desire for lifelong learning. This degree promotes these beliefs by providing students with opportunities to learn hands-on within their field of interest. You and your classmates will gain experience through electronics engineering industry internships working with professionals who can help prepare you for your chosen career. The relationships and experiences you gain through your internship will help bolster your resume as you prepare for post-graduation life.

Upon graduation, you’ll have the background needed to provide services in a wide range of career fields including:

  • Communications, Audio and video equipment manufacturing
  • Manufacturing and reproducing magnetic and optical media
  • Navigational, measuring, electromedical and control instruments manufacturing
  • Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing
  • Computer-aided design of electronic components and semiconductor devices
  • Research and Development


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