Geographic Information Sciences (GIS)

Geographic Information Sciences (GIS)

About the Geographic Information Sciences Program

This world is full of geographic related information that can be utilized to understand and manage a variety of situations. Identifying patterns and relationships in geographic data can help users make smarter decisions. Are you someone who enjoys making complex data usable and wants to make a difference in the way the world works? If so, a degree from Troy University in geographic information sciences (GIS) could be the right path for you.

Skills learned

With a geographic information sciences (GIS) degree from TROY, you will become familiar with different types of geospatial information and be able to display, overlay and integrate various geospatial data in a GIS system. You will also learn how to operate field instruments, collect spatial information and organize field data into geospatial databases for different spatial applications.

Quality instruction

Throughout the GIS program at TROY, your education will come from qualified and knowledgeable faculty who all have their terminal degrees in the field. They also bring experiences in the broader field of geospatial sciences and geomatics from around the world, including the U.S., China, Trinidad, Australia and Hong Kong.

Program emphasis

The GIS curriculum at TROY places emphasis on learning geospatial technologies, analytical skills, fundamental and advanced computing capabilities in spatial databases, programming and modeling and internet mapping. You will be able to choose from a semester of GIS internship or an independent senior GIS project. In either course, you will be conducting real-world GIS applications under the supervision of GIS professionals and/or faculty members and using cutting edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. There are also opportunities for part-time student involvement in externally funded research projects with faculty members.

Beyond the classroom

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, job availability in geographic information systems integrated with drone technology will grow faster than average over the next ten years. Because of its new and innovative academic curriculum offered, Troy University has companies and government agencies already contacting its Department of Geospatial Informatics on a regular basis seeking to hire GIS student interns and graduates.

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