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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS 3301 - Cartography & Geovisualization (3)

Skills and knowledge required to design, produce and reproduce maps, and understand the computation issues relating to these workflows, and capabilities for representing and interpreting spatial information through maps and related mapping products.

GIS 3305 - Spatial Information and Analysis (3)

Skills and knowledge related to spatial processes, point patterns, and autocorrelation in area data, as well as in continuous fields. Prerequisite: GIS 3390

GIS 3310 - Introduction to Remote Sensing (3)

The course introduces the basics and application of remote sensing for earth observation. It covers physical principles of remote sensing technologies, different types of remote platforms and sensors, data acquisition, storage, processing, interpretation, analysis, and applications.

GIS 3390 - Fundamentals of Geographic Information and Analysis (3)

This course is the first course in a one-year study of the fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Topics of study are digital mapping, data capture, data conversion, data structures, and spatial data concepts. Hands-on exercises are included using some of the common GIS software.

GIS 3391 - Application of Geospatial Information Sciences (3)

This course provides a study of common applications of GIS. The course provides further study in database design, digital base map analysis and testing, and spatial analysis. Hands-on exercises are included using some of the common GIS applications. Prerequisite: GIS 3390.

GIS 3395 - Study Abroad in Geospatial Information Sciences (3)

This course provides an opportunity for Geomatics/GIS students to explore spatial applications on a global scale through study abroad and an international field trip, to expand their understanding of their global identity, and to enhance their intercultural competence within their personal and professional development. Prerequisite: GIS 3390

GIS 4401 - Spatial Database Design and Management (3)

Introduction to design, implementation, and management of spatial data base systems; modeling and representation of spatial objects; fundamentals of relational database design, normalization, and SQL; spatial data queries, spatial indices, and integrity constraints; and spatial database management and applications. Prerequisite: GIS 3390.

GIS 4405 - Spatial Modeling and Programming (3)

Introduction to geospatial analysis and modeling process using GIS modeling tools and programming languages. Focuses on GIS customization, integration of basic geoprocessing tools, programming fundamentals of Python, spatial data access and manipulation with Python, design and implementation of geospatial solutions to automate geoprocessing tasks using Python. Prerequisite: GIS 3390.

GIS 4415 - Advanced Geospatial Technologies (3)

This course provides students an introduction to advanced technologies in geospatial data collection and analysis, including GNSS, LiDAR, terrestrial 3D scanner, UAS, and their integration with Geographic Information Systems. Prerequisite: GIS 3390

GIS 4420 - Web Based GIS/ Spatial Data Applications (3)

The student will learn the techniques and protocols needed to develop and transmit spatial databases for use by a variety of interests on the World Wide Web. “Remote” spatial data analysis on existing databases will be an important component of the course. Prerequisite: GIS 3390

GIS 4490 - GIS Senior Project (3)

This course offers students, with senior status, an opportunity to independently apply fundamental principles and concepts learned in the study of geospatial information science to a specific application. Each student will identify a specific problem, conduct background and literature research, collect and analyze spatial data, design and implement GIS functions/models to solve the problem, state conclusions and present the study in a final report. Prerequisite: Senior standing

GIS 4491-92 - Guided Independent Research (1-3)

Additional information is indexed under Independent Study and Research

GIS 4493-94 - Guided Independent Study (1-3)

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GIS 4499 - GIS Internship (3)

The course provides students with real work experience with an employer approved for the internship component of the GIS major. The student is expected to submit a written report and oral presentation to the faculty member directing the project, detailing the work experience. Prerequisite: GIS 3391