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Help Move Society Forward with a Master of Science in Social Science

The social sciences offer a clear view into some of the most relevant and intriguing parts of our world, from human behavior to the land on which we live. Through the Master of Science in Social Science at Troy University, you’ll be prepared to understand and contribute to our world in new, meaningful ways. Whether you want to pursue a career in a specific social sciences discipline or go on to further graduate study, TROY’s fully online, interdisciplinary program offers comprehensive preparation for achieving your academic and career goals.

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“TROY’s graduate program provides students with the opportunity to further their education in a supportive environment. Professors are personable and genuinely care about the success of their students. While being able to receive an advanced degree, students can take a variety of courses that match their interests. TROY’s program allowed me to take interesting and rigorous courses while continuing to find the career path that is right for me.”
Christie Caruana | Mental Health Grant Program Coordinator, Addiction Prevention Coalition | 2022 graduate, Master of Social Science - Sociology

Customize Your Master’s Degree in Social Science

TROY’s social science master’s program helps you gain a foundation in general social science principles and research methods, then allows you to delve deeper into a specific discipline. Choose a concentration that fits your interests and career goals in anthropology, geography, sociology, history, political science, psychology or criminology.

Experience and Expertise for the 21st Century

Understand the latest research methods to address today’s social problems in this increasingly multicultural and digitized age. TROY’s social science master’s program offers professional training in analytical software such as SPSS and GIS and multiple hands-on research opportunities, including archaeological excavations, focus group research, applied sociological research projects, and other community-based experiential projects.
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Master of Science in Social Science Curriculum

While specific courses may vary from year to year and based on your chosen concentration, core coursework for the master of social science program may include:
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Earn Your Master’s in Social Science Online

Get the flexibility you need with fully online graduate courses in the social sciences. For more information about program availability and delivery call 1-800-414-5756.


Learn from Leading Researchers and Social Scientists

In TROY’s social science master’s program, you’ll learn from faculty across disciplines with various research interests and expertise. Our faculty will encourage you to apply critical thinking, technology and an interdisciplinary, multicultural perspective to solving practical problems. Through them, you’ll also learn to communicate effectively and to evaluate individual and community needs. 

Our social science faculty are widely published and have worked in education, law enforcement, digital forensics, sociology and more. They’ve also led archaeological projects, narcotics task forces, community projects and other initiatives, which they can speak to in courses. Modeling strong leadership skills, our faculty challenge you to engage in active listening, creative thinking and decision-making — and inspire you to achieve excellence.

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What Can You Do With a Social Science Degree?

A master’s degree in social science can lead to a wide range of careers. Depending on your chosen concentration, you can go into various fields, including government, anthropology, sociology, psychology, etc. Social scientists are in high demand in the public and private sectors, government and the military.

Faculty Profiles

Dr. Stephen Carmody

Dr. Stephen Carmody

Dr. Carmody is Chair of Anthropology, Sociology, and Criminology and Associate Professor of Anthropology at TROY. He teaches graduate seminars on various topics in social sciences, including food justice. His research focuses on the prehistoric use of plants in religious and economic contexts in the southeastern U.S.

Focus Your Studies With a Concentration

Tailor your master’s in social science to your goals by specializing in one of seven concentrations.
Master of Social Science - Anthropology
Study the origins and social relationships of human beings. In this concentration, you’ll examine various topics related to human relationships, including perspectives of religion, ethnographic methods, sex and gender, medical anthropology, etc. This concentration prepares you for such roles as a historian, archivist, researcher or archaeologist or to continue your studies with a doctorate in anthropology.

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Master of Social Science - Criminology
Analyze the causes and effects of criminal behavior and learn how to prevent it. This concentration includes courses in criminological theory, criminal justice policy, victimology and others. Focusing your social science degree on criminology helps prepare you for careers in fields such as law, criminal justice, investigation and policy.

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Master of Social Science - Geography
Understand the physical and human aspects of the Earth and its regions. In this concentration, you’ll learn about geography through urban, political, international and other perspectives. This concentration prepares you for careers in conservation, international relations, geographic information systems and more.

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Master of Social Science - History
Explore the historical development and historiography of various regions worldwide. This concentration includes a wide variety of history courses, such as European, military, colonial American, African American and modern history. Through it, you’ll be prepared for careers as a historian, college professor, archivist, history teacher and more.

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Master of Social Science - Psychology
Study human behavior and mental processes in various demographics and contexts. The psychology concentration includes courses in personality assessment, behavior analysis, gerontology, child and adolescent psychology, research methods and more. Focusing your degree with the psychology concentration prepares you for roles as a mental health coordinator, crisis intervention specialist, researcher, college instructor and even corporate roles, such as people scientist.

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Master of Social Science - Sociology
Examine society and social interactions and work to understand social phenomena and problems. This concentration includes coursework in gender, gerontology, health, criminology and more. You’ll be prepared for careers in education, social work, public policy and research or to pursue additional graduate studies in sociology or related fields.

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Master of Social Science - Political Science
Prepare for careers in public administration, politics, international relations, government and others. This concentration includes coursework in foreign policy, American and international politics, leadership and intercultural relations.

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FAQs About the Master of Science in Social Science Program

Learn more about the social sciences and benefits of our program.
What is a social science degree?

A social science degree encompasses several disciplines, such as sociology, psychology, anthropology and political science. A master's in social science degree is a graduate credential that allows you to further explore and specialize in one of these disciplines. A master's in social science degree prepares you for careers in research, education, policy, consulting, and other sectors that require advanced skills, leadership and knowledge in the social sciences.

What can you do with a social science degree?
Social science degree careers can include a wide variety of roles and disciplines, including law, policy analysis, sociology, academia and others. Some job titles include lawyer, museum curator, forensic anthropologist, college professor, GIS analyst, international affairs specialist, licensed professional counselor and others. You’ll also be well-prepared for roles that require leadership skills, such as case manager, crime prevention specialist, corporate consultant, campaign manager and lobbyist.

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With TROY’s master’s degree in social sciences, you’ll develop advanced research and communication skills and a deep understanding of your discipline.

What Are The Social Sciences?

Whether it’s social unrest, a crucial policy decision or a global pandemic, social scientists are the ones who help us navigate — and learn from — these events. The social sciences are fundamental to understanding human behavior, historical events and, ultimately, ourselves.

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