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About the Master of Science in Strategic Communication at TROY

Clear and effective communication is essential to organizational — and personal — success. Troy University’s Master of Science in Strategic Communication program trains you in the skills you need to build on your media, communications or industry career. Flexible but rigorous, TROY’s online strategic communication master’s program will prepare you for advanced roles in your field, educational positions or further graduate study. In our program, you’ll learn to develop skills essential to helping organizations succeed, including leveraging emerging technologies, crisis communications, social media and leadership. You’ll learn how to create, implement and evaluate communication strategies in today’s increasingly complex online environment. You’ll also discover new career options and ways to leverage your knowledge and skills in unique ways, whether in industry or the classroom.

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“With no formal education in this field, my Master of Science in Strategic Communication from TROY has greatly positioned me to work as a communications professional. Generally speaking, most employers in this field will require some type of formal public relations education. Having this extra credential not only makes me an optimal candidate for future positions, but it has also given me the knowledge I need to effectively execute strategic communication strategies.”
Emma Johnson | 2020 Graduate, Master of Science in Strategic Communication | Policy Communications Manager Delta Air Lines

A Fully Online Strategic Communication Master’s Program

Complete your strategic communication graduate program in under a year, entirely online. Designed for working adults and offered in 9-week terms, our program helps you balance your academic, professional and personal commitments. Start classes in one of five terms and take on the course load that works for you — or sit out a term when you need to. You’ll also benefit from a faculty with years of experience in online instruction and teaching adult learners. Even online, you’ll receive the individual attention you need from strategic communication experts.

Learn to Apply Strategic Communication to Any Industry

Thoughtful, effective communication is one of the drivers of success in an organization. In TROY’s program, you’ll learn skills and abilities that are valued and needed in any organization or industry. You’ll refine your ability to communicate with various media, learn to solve challenging communication issues and craft compelling messages. You’ll also gain experience with new technologies and innovative communication strategies. And, you’ll be well-equipped to pursue doctoral work in strategic communication so you can teach in colleges and universities.
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Strategic Communication Degree Curriculum

While specific courses may vary from year to year, courses for the online strategic communication master’s degree include:
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Strategic Communication Master’s Program Locations

Get the flexibility you need by taking courses online from anywhere. For more information about program availability and delivery options, call 1-800-414-5756

Grounded in Real-World Practice

Whether working on your capstone or studying global communications abroad, you’ll have numerous opportunities to apply what you’ve learned in the real world. TROY’s strategic communications degree equips you with practice in audience analysis, digital media, crisis management and several other skills crucial for communications. You’ll also develop media plans, presentations and a full communication campaign. By the time you graduate, you’ll have the experience and portfolio projects you need to advance your strategic communications career or apply to Ph.D. programs.
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Strategic Communications Jobs

After completing the strategic communication master’s program at TROY, you’ll be prepared to enter roles in advertising, marketing, digital media, public relations, journalism and business. Industries and sectors with a strong need for strategic communication include mass media, government, higher education, finance, nonprofit, corporate and advertising.

Faculty Profiles

Dr. Bridgette Colaco

Dr. Bridgette Colaco

Dr. Bridgette Colaco is an Assistant Professor with over 25 years of professional and academic experience in journalism and international communications. She served as assistant editor of the Hindustan Times in Mumbai, India, and holds a Ph.D. in mass communication and media arts from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Dr. Colaco is also a fellow of the Business Journalism Professors program at Arizona State University.
Dr. Shari Hoppin

Dr. Shari Hoppin

 Dr. Shari Hoppin is an Associate Professor in the Hall School of Journalism and Communication. She earned a B.A. from the University of Ottawa, Canada, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Southern California. Dr. Hoppin is the author of The Dark Side of Persuasion. She has published articles and delivered conference presentations at regional, national, and international levels. Her current research interests include the philosophy of communication, persuasion and influence, and communication in health care contexts. Dr. Hoppin taught at the University of Southern California and at Florida State University before joining the faculty at Troy University. She is a member of the University’s graduate faculty and teaches in the Master of Science in Strategic Communication degree program in addition to teaching undergraduate courses. Her other professional and academic experience includes working as a reporter and editor and coordinating the Hall School’s internship program.

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FAQ About the Master’s in Strategic Communication Degree

Learn more about the field of media and strategic communication and our program.
What is a master’s degree in strategic communications?
Strategic communication is the use of written, verbal, visual, and other types of communication to reach and motivate various audiences and, ultimately, achieve specific goals. It requires intentional planning, design, delivery and evaluation of messaging tailored to a target group. It considers the target audience’s needs, interests, motivations and other factors that affect behaviors.

Strategic communication helps organizations and institutions grow and build trust, reputation, and influence among their stakeholders and new audiences. It can also effect social change, help resolve conflict and foster collaboration. Strategic communications graduate programs provide you with the advanced competencies you need to leverage messaging to inspire and motivate.
What can you do with a strategic communications degree?
A master’s in strategic communication degree prepares you for advanced roles in a variety of fields, including advertising and marketing, journalism, mass media and business. Specific careers include advertising director, communications specialist, SEO director, journalist, communications senior consultant, director of strategic communication, marketing director, corporate communications director, communications strategist, public relations director, content strategist and many others. It can also prepare you for doctoral programs and teaching careers.
Is a master’s in strategic communications worth it?
Whether a master’s in strategic communications is worth it depends on you and your career goals. Strategic communications graduate programs help you develop advanced knowledge and skills in areas such as public relations, marketing, media and digital communications. These can open up opportunities for leadership positions, higher salaries and a broader professional network.

However, graduate programs in any field have rigorous courses that involve a substantial time commitment, meaning you will need to balance your studies with your work and other commitments. To help you do so, TROY offers its master’s in strategic communication online while still providing the faculty mentorship and professional relationships you’d gain from a face-to-face program.

In short, a master’s in strategic communication is worth it if you have a goal to advance in your career and the time and motivation to complete graduate-level coursework.

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Emma Johnson recently earned a master's degree at TROY and currently serves as Communications Associate in the Georgia Senate Press Office.

Alumnus Parlays Master’s Degree into Communications Job with Georgia Senate

At just 22 years old, Emma Johnson is the owner of a master’s degree in communications and a communications career with the Georgia Senate Press Office.

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