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Human Resource Management - Global Business

About the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resource Management

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Global Business with a concentration in human resource management highlights the importance of managing human resources within the context of a global business framework. It offers you an opportunity to obtain proficiency in management concepts, skills and techniques, particularly as they are applied to strategic human resource management efforts.

This program is offered in a blended format, which means a combination of online and in-class courses may be required.

The degree focuses on the critical role of effectively managing one of the most valuable resources of an organization—its human resources. Success involves understanding both the organization’s needs as well as how to best meet those needs with the resources available in the labor market. Human resource management involves personnel decisions, performance reviews, job specifications, compensation decisions as well as training and development.

This BSBA is the degree for individuals seeking a role with a human resource management emphasis in business, government, the military and not-for-profit organizations, both in the U.S. and the world over. Opportunities lie primarily in the fields of personnel selection, performance appraisal, employee relations, occupational safety, policy development, industrial training and compensation management. This major allows for exposure to high-level executives, provides management responsibilities from the start and allows for rapid advancement. This degree also prepares you for admission to graduate programs in business and professional schools of law.

The Sorrell College of Business is committed to helping you achieve your educational goals by providing highly flexible degree programs and courses. Options are available for both full-time and part-time students through a variety of times and delivery platforms, including traditional day classes, night and weekend classes and online courses.

Faculty members are highly qualified and possess diverse academic and business backgrounds. Because our faculty members have real-world experience, course instruction focuses not only on vital concepts but also on practical application of these concepts.

As a recipient of the BSBA in Global Business with a concentration in human resource management, you will have the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to understand and cope with the challenges faced by business and organizational leaders in a dynamic, global workplace. The curriculum is highly relevant to the needs of students and the requirements of their employers. TROY’s curriculum and highly qualified faculty provide students with the foundation to become successful leaders in business, industry and government.



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Program Locations

  • Troy Campus
  • TROY Online 
  • Dothan Campus^^
  • Phenix City Campus^^

^^ Offered as blended program. A blended program combines both online and face-to-face courses in the required program of study.