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About the Physical Education Major (Grades P-12 Certification) at TROY

If you are passionate about athletics, health and wellness, and want to help others lead a healthy lifestyle, becoming a physical education teacher can help you achieve your goals. A physical education degree from Troy University equips you to teach PE at all grade levels and make a positive impact on students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Upon completing the program, you’ll be prepared to apply for teaching certification in Alabama.

Hawkins Hall on TROY's Campus.

Work with Diverse Learners of All Grade Levels

By earning a bachelor’s degree in physical education from TROY, you’ll learn how to plan, design and demonstrate activities for children in grades P-12 to ensure they’re fully engaged in class. You’ll also gain an understanding of diverse cultures and communities, learn how to collaborate with school staff, faculty, students and parents, and instill lifelong health and wellness benefits in your students.

Prepare for Alabama Physical Education Certification

After earning your physical education degree from TROY, you’ll be eligible for physical education teacher certification in Alabama. TROY’s physical education degree requirements include coursework in the sciences, such as physiology, kinesiology and exercise physiology, along with teaching and practicum experience to prepare you for certification. You'll also take courses in diverse learners, classroom management and motor development.

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Bachelor’s in Physical Education Curriculum

While specific courses may vary from year to year, coursework for the physical education major may include:
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Physical Education Degree Program Locations

The bachelor’s in physical education program is offered on the Troy campus. For more information about program availability and delivery options, call 1-800-414-5756.

Join a Student Organization Centered on Physical Education

As a physical education major, you’ll have the opportunity to meet like-minded peers and network with school systems through student organizations. TROY has two groups dedicated to physical education and related disciplines: Physical Education Student Organization (PESO) and Phi Epsilon Kappa (PEK).

Through PESO, you and other physical education majors can network with local and regional school systems and professionals. You can also attend conferences where you can sit in on sessions, engage with other professionals and meet physical education majors from other universities. PEK is a fraternity and honor society for students in physical education and related fields, such as kinesiology.
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What Can You Do with a Physical Education Degree?

A physical education degree from TROY qualifies you for careers as an elementary or secondary physical education teacher (grades P-12). You may also pursue coaching, fitness or educational leadership roles or continue on to graduate study.

Faculty Profiles

Lana Johnson

Lana Johnson

Lana Johnson is a physical education lecturer and holds a B.S. and M.S. in physical education from TROY. She is also the creator of a successful program that brings home-schooled children to campus for activities led by TROY students.
Dr. Kacie Lanier

Dr. Kacie Lanier

Dr. Lanier received her B.S. in sport pedagogy from the University of Georgia, M.S. in sport pedagogy from Georgia Southern and her Ph.D. in sport pedagogy from Georgia State University. Her research interests include student mental health and physical activity.
Dr. J. Brandon Sluder

Dr. J. Brandon Sluder

Dr. Sluder received his degrees in sport pedagogy from The University of South Carolina (B.S.) and Auburn University (M.S. & Ph.D). His research interests include autonomy-supportive teaching in elementary school PE and faculty mental health readiness at the university level.
Dr. Candice Smith

Dr. Candice Smith

Dr. Smith received her B.S. Physical Education and M.S. Foundations of Education at Troy State University and her Ph.D. at Auburn University. Her specialty is Motor Development with an emphasis in Special Education. Her research focuses on fundamental motor skills, cognitive development and motor skill interventions with preschool-aged children. She is a full professor and the Coordinator of Teacher Education for the Department of Kinesiology & Health Promotion.

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FAQ About the Physical Education Degree Program

Learn more about the field of physical education and our program.
What jobs can you get with a physical education degree?

If your degree is from TROY, you’ll be certified for physical education teacher jobs at elementary, middle or high schools. Additionally, you can pursue roles as a sports coach, fitness instructor or educational administrator. You’ll also be prepared to pursue graduate studies in physical education, sports administration, sports psychology, exercise science and related fields.

Do TROY graduates go on to careers in physical education?

Yes, the job placement rate for TROY’s physical education program is 98%. Our alumni work as physical education teachers, adapted physical education teachers, sports coaches, and area principals and superintendents in Alabama and throughout the United States.

How can I become a physical education teacher?
If you are interested in becoming a physical education teacher, the first step is to identify the physical education degree that works best for you, your level of education and your career goals. If you do not yet hold a bachelor’s degree, you can pursue a bachelor’s in physical education. If you already have your bachelor’s in education or a related field, you can earn your physical education certification as part of a graduate certificate program.
Why become a physical education teacher?

If you are passionate about sports, exercise, health and wellness and want to work with children, becoming a physical education teacher is an excellent choice. It allows you to help children and adolescents develop healthy habits, engage in exercise and even discover a love of athletics. You’ll have the opportunity to design and use fun, engaging lessons that contribute to the overall well-being of your students. And you’ll enjoy a flexible and rewarding career that allows you to live out your passion. 

How much does a physical education teacher make?`
How much a physical education teacher makes varies by school district and state. Salaries for P.E. teachers range from $39,000-$100,000, with an average salary of around $75,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. P.E. teachers who coach can also add to their salary.
What does a physical education teacher do?
A physical education teacher works with students at various grade levels to teach the importance of physical activity, health and wellness. Physical education teachers create and implement lesson plans covering health, sports, nutrition, fitness and exercise topics. They also assess student fitness levels and progress over time and give feedback on how to improve overall physical well-being.

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