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Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

About the Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Program

This program will prepare you to work with individuals with disabilities in both public and private organizations. Led by experienced and knowledgeable faculty members within TROY’s Department of Counseling, Rehabilitation and Interpreter Training, your courses will equip you with the skills and understanding necessary for your chosen rehabilitation-related career. You’ll also grow as an advocate as you learn about community inclusion and integration.

In today’s society, the number of people with disabilities continues to grow. Because of this, there is a growing demand for rehabilitation professionals and other workers who provide services to people with disabilities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s (BLS) Occupational Outlook Handbook, physical therapists are among the fastest growing occupations in the nation with more than a 22 percent growth rate projected from 2018-2028.

That growth isn’t only felt in the physical therapy field—other rehabilitation-related occupations are expected to grow rapidly, as well. The BLS projects there will be a 22 percent growth rate among professions such as mental health counseling, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology and substance abuse counseling.

Program Tracks

Pursue a bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation and disability studies from Troy University, and help others regain mobility and find independence! TROY’s rehabilitation and disability studies program focuses on training students to help people who have congenital or acquired disabilities achieve their personal, career and independent living goals through an assessment and assistance process. 

Before graduating, you’ll gain real-life experience by going through a practicum in a field setting of your choosing. That means you’ll have the opportunity to earn credits and gain hands-on experience working within the areas of rehabilitation you’re most passionate about. This invaluable experience will prepare you for your next step—whether your plan is to begin your career in a field you are passionate about or continue your education as you pursue your masters and/or Ph.D.


An estimated 1 billion people worldwide have a disability. This number will continue to grow as will the number of professionals in various disciplines who work with people with disabilities. A minor in rehabilitation and disability studies will introduce students to important disability and rehabilitation topics. A wide variety of disabilities are addressed, ranging from physical conditions—such as diabetes and spinal cord injury; to mental and behavioral disorders—such as bipolar disorder and autism spectrum disorder; to cognitive disabilities—such as learning disabilities and intellectual disability. Classes within the minor focus on understanding how disability impacts the whole person and how to maximize independence and well-being through the rehabilitation process.


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