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About the Social Work Major

 Do you dream of a career that will allow you to empower and change lives for the better? Turn your passion into a rewarding career as a social worker with a bachelor’s degree in social work from Troy University.

TROY’s social work program will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to enter a diverse, rewarding career of helping others thrive. With the guidance and tutelage provided by TROY’s experienced instructors, you will develop the abilities to become an empathetic, proactive professional.

As a social work student, you can rest assured your course work will reflect the goals and objectives set by the Council on Social Work Education, the national accrediting body that oversees all schools of social work. Once accepted into the program, the assignments and tasks you’ll complete will prepare you for real-world experiences upon graduating from our nationally accredited program. Upper-level practice courses, community projects and a hands-on, 400-hour practicum spent in a supervised environment will prepare you to step off the graduation stage and into a purpose-filled career.

Expanding your horizons

TROY’s professors know that in order for you to bring comfort and care to those who need it the most, you’re going to need to step out of your own comfort zone. That’s why you’ll be given the opportunities to visit agencies that serve people of all ages, nationalities and economic backgrounds. You will have the opportunities to attend political events to see how a social worker can assist in the legislative process. These assignments will take place once you’ve entered the program.

You’ll also get to meet and interview real social workers in a variety of different settings to help you narrow down your true calling. Whether it’s working with domestic abuse survivors, helping children in neglectful and abuseful situations or supporting the elderly in nursing home facilities, social work graduates will find themselves in a variety of different settings helping a wide array of people.


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Program Locations

  • Troy Campus
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