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Social Work Courses (SWK)

SWK 2250 - Introduction to Social Work (3)

The student is introduced to the profession of social work. Class focuses on the knowledge, skills and values essential for effective practice. Each student will be provided an opportunity to have direct contact with a practicing social worker.

SWK 2260 - Introduction to Non-Profit Organizations (3)

This seminar in non-profit organizations is designed to aid helping professional students develop a basic understanding and knowledge of the history, operation, and structure of non-profit organizations. Will include management, grant writing, and leadership roles.

SWK 2280 - Social Work Research I (3)

Introduction to statistical analysis concepts and principles necessary for understanding research reports and for the interpretation of data. Use of microcomputer statistical programs in the analysis of univariate, bivariate, and multivariate data including parametric and non-parametric analysis techniques. Topics include descriptive techniques, averages and measures of variation, tests of statistical significance, correlation and regression, and analysis of variance. Prerequisite: MTH 1110 or 1112 and IS 2241.

SWK 2281 - Social Work Research II (3)

Introduction to evidenced based assessment and case management to include understanding and using the current DSM and other assessment materials. Introduction to writing assessments based on standardized criteria to include a treatment plan and preliminary measurement of goals. The use of research journal articles and technical and research reports generated by corporate and governmental agencies will be demonstrated. Recommend taking HS 2250 prior to this course.

SWK 3300 - US Justice and the Helping Profession(al) (3)

This course will explore historical and current issues in the US justice system that have resulted in the marginalization of disadvantaged populations, who typically enter into this system. It will provide an overview of the US justice system and how it interests with human services and social work. Specifically, the focus will be an exploration of the juvenile and adult justice systems as well as policies and strategies shown favorable in the promotion of social justice and advocacy on behalf of those within the justice system. This class is designed for the student who has a desire to understand how helping professions (social work, human services, rehabilitation) and the US justice system are relevant to each other. This course is advantageous with or without future plans of working in the criminal justice system.

SWK 3301 - Children and Family Services (3)

Child welfare services from both the public and private sectors of social work practice will be assessed, emphasizing the availability and effectiveness of services for children and their families in the United States. The historical development of the child welfare movement will be examined.

SWK 3302 - Social Service Resources (3)

Examination of social welfare services and institutions, public and private, to include historical development, philosophical basis, structure, and function.

SWK 3303 - Crisis Intervention (3)

Case management techniques for dealing with crisis. Crisis theory, stress management, and time-limited intervention will be examined.

SWK 3304 - Social Work Practice In Health Settings (3)

A survey of the use of professional social work in a variety of health care delivery settings. Exposure to basic medical terminology needed by social workers.Overview of the social aspects of disease, illness, and disability.

SWK 3320 - Human Behavior In the Social Environment II (3)

An examination of the social dynamics of discrimination and oppression and particularly how discriminatory and oppressive environments have potential for negatively affecting biopsychosocial growth and development.

SWK 3330 - Social Work with Military Families (3)

This course is designed as an elective for undergraduate students who wish to increase their knowledge and skills for practice with military personnel, Veterans, and their families. Students will learn about the role of social work within the military and in the Department of Veterans Affairs in meeting the needs of active duty service members, National Guard and Reserve members, Veterans, and their families. Students will develop a working understanding of the history of military social work, aspects of military culture that they will need to know in order to be able to engage and intervene with the social and mental health needs and issues facing this ethnically and culturally diverse population.

SWK 3340 - Social Policy and Planning (3)

Exploration of the social policy formulation process and the building of analysis skills in the evaluation of social policy and programs. The impact of political, economic, and social forces is a focal point and the process of incrementalism in implementation is examined.

SWK 3375 - Diversity and Ethics (3)

This course provides students with an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity, ethnic and gender sensitivity, as well as ageism, in social work practice with a variety of populations is highlighted.

SWK 3390 - Social Work with Individuals and Families (3)

The melding of the systems and developmental perspectives and the problem-solving approach as a basis for generalist social work practice with individual and family systems. Assessment, intervention, and evaluation skills are developed.Prerequisite: admission to the professional social work curriculum or permission of instructor.

SWK 4463 - Research III (3)

The course will look at the general overview of social work theories, including but not limited to, human growth and development and the biopsychosocial approach of the individual, families, and the community. The theories utilized in generalist social work practice, key elements to social work documentation and writing assessment based on standard social work practice criteria will be demonstrated and evaluated.

SWK 4471 - Social Work with Groups (3)

The student learns to identify group processes and use these in assessment and intervention with the group as a client system. Evaluation of practice is extended to group settings. Prerequisite: SWK 3390. Co-requisite: SWK 4480.

SWK 4472 - Social Work with Organizations and Communities (3)

Assessment and intervention with the community or organization as a client system. Skill building in evaluation of one’s own practice continues. Prerequisite: SWK 3390.

SWK 4480 - Pre-Practicum Seminar (3)

This course will evaluate the student’s ability(knowledge, values and skills) required to begin Social Work Field Experience. The class will focus upon areas essential for competent social work practice. In addition, the student will engage in resume development, interviewing skills and other exercises necessary to secure an approved Field placement. Rules and legislation governing social works on the state and federal level will be reviewed. Prerequisite: Completing SWK Major Requirements.

SWK 4481 - Social Work Practicum (12)

Placement in a social service agency which provides the opportunity to practice and develop beginning professional social work skills under the joint supervision of a faculty and an agency supervisor. Includes a weekly seminar plus a minimum of 500 hours in a particular agency setting. Prerequisites: Social work major in good standing, SWK 4480. Practicum site must be approved by instructor during SWK 4480.

SWK 4482 - Social Work Practicum II (6)

Placement in a social service agency which provides the opportunity to practice and develop generalist practice social work skills under the joint supervision of a faculty and an agency supervisor. Includes a weekly seminar plus a minimum of 200 contact hours in a particular agency setting. This is the first of two required Practicum courses. Prerequisite: Social Work Major in good standing. Practicum must be approved by instructor in 4480.

SWK 4483 - Social Work Practicum III (6)

Placement in a social service agency which provides the opportunity to practice and develop generalist practice social work skills under the joint supervision of a faculty and an agency supervisor. Includes a weekly seminar plus a minimum of 200 contact hours in a particular agency setting. This is the second of two required Practicum courses. The student must complete this course in the same agency as SWK Practicum II. Prerequisite: Must complete Social Work Practicum II.