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Undeclared/Pathfinder Program

The Undeclared Major Program/Pathfinder Program provides professional and academic advisement for students who are unsure of their major or career path. The advisors at Troy University offer a flexible and supportive environment in which students can explore their academic and career options. 

Want To Find Out More About Your Possible Majors?

If you are unsure about your major or career path, it is suggested that you take the FOCUS Assessment by clicking the link below; the access code is "Trojan". The FOCUS Assessment will help you to make informed decisions about your major and possible career aspirations.

On the Troy Campus, students who are unsure about their majors or are planning to major in a program that is not available at Troy University, are invited to be int the Pathfinder Program. The Pathfinder Program is designed to offer Undeclared Students a flexible, supportive environment in which they can explore their career and/or academic options at Troy University. As a participant, students may be enrolled in the Pathfinder Program for a period of up to four semesters or until the completion of their General Studies classes. However, students may declare their major at any time. All Pathfinder Students MUST declare a major before their fourth term of enrollment.
In the Pathfinder Program, students are REQUIRED to participate in the following:

  • One-On-One meeting with your assigned academic advisor: Pre-advisement for classes and to discuss majors
  • TROY 1101 University Orientation: 1 credit hour course
  • TROY 1102 Major Exploration and Planning course: 1 credit hour elective
  • Complete and explore the FOCUS online career self-assessment

Take the focus assessment